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VacuMax™ vacuum insulating glass (VIG) by Vitro Architectural Glass integrates with any traditional (and even non-traditional) glazing system to maximize insulation performance. With VacuMax™ VIG, it's possible to achieve R-values up to R20 in a nominal 1-inch insulating glass unit.

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VacuMax™ Vacuum Insulating Glass (VIG)

Maximize R-values in any Vitro Glass configuration with a VacuMax™ vacuum insulating glass (VIG) unit.

VacuMax™ Vacuum Insulating Glass (VIG) by Vitro - Where the Window Becomes the Wall.

VacuMax™ vacuum insulating glass (VIG) by Vitro Architectural Glass integrates with any traditional (and even non-traditional) glazing system to maximize insulation performance. With an R-value of R14⁺, VacuMax™ VIG is the ultimate in thermal glazing, delivering R-values close to those of a traditional wall.

The new tempered VacuMax™ VIG units can be used alone as nominal ¼” glass to replace monolithic (single-pane) glass without needing to replace the framing system or as a substitute for the interior lite in any double- or triple-glazed insulating glass unit (IGU), where it forms a second airspace and creates a hybrid IGU.

What is Vacuum Insulating Glass (VIG)?

A VacuMax™ VIG unit consists of two lites of 4mm glass separated by a non-leaded proprietary metal seal and a vacuum space. The unit’s slim construction and light weight allows it to be incorporated into virtually any traditional glazing system, window frame or curtainwall application.

VacuMax™ VIG Unit Dimensions:

  • Total thickness is just 8.3mm, only slightly thicker than a standard 8mm glass lite.
  • Available in sizes from 12”x12” (0.3m x 0.3m) to 58”x96” (1.45m x 2.45m).

The simplest and most complex Vitro Glass configurations - from a simple monolithic lite of Starphire Ultra-Clear® glass to a double-glazed IGU with a Solarban® low-e coating on the #2 surface and a bird-friendly pattern on surface #1- can benefit from remarkable performance improvements by replacing the innermost lite with a VacuMax™ VIG unit.

Multi-pane IGUs utilizing VacuMax™ VIG units still include traditional airspaces adjacent to traditional glass lites.

Performance Benefits

Vacumax™ VIG units enhance the performance of any glass configuration by effectively blocking thermal transmission, delivering thermal insulation performance that is 2-4 times better than conventional insulating glass and 6-10 times better than monolithic glass.

Use VacuMax™ VIG to achieve:

  • Extraordinary R-values that deliver energy savings and reduced carbon emissions by way of lower Btu usage
  • Longer life compared to competitive VIG products as a result of SGCC -certified tempered safety glass and a flexible, strong, non-leaded proprietary metal seal to ensure higher vacuum capability
  • Increased acoustic performance for dramatic noise reduction
  • Reduced center of glass condensation at temperatures as low as -58° F
  • Flatness and strength due to the VacuMax™ VIG low temperature sealing technology
  • Generous window-to-wall ratios without sacrificing performance or occupant comfort

VacuMax™ VIG units are available with Solarban® 60 solar control, low-e glass by Vitro Glass, which can help to further enhance the energy efficiency performance of the IGU. When a VacuMax™ VIG unit is used as the interior lite in a hybrid IGU, the exterior lite is available with the full range of Solarban® glass products and substrates by Vitro glass.

Where to Use VacuMax™ VIG Units

Consider VacuMax™ VIG for exterior glazing applications that require extraordinary insulating performance. VacuMax™ VIG is ideal for residential and commercial projects, including:

  • Renovations
  • New Construction
  • Office buildings
  • Educational institutions
  • Hospitality
  • Healthcare
Fabrication & Availability

Vitro Glass has partnered with LandGlass and VIG Technologies to become the exclusive provider of their high-performance tempered vacuum insulating glass (VIG) products in North America.

Hybrid glass configurations using VacuMax™ VIG units are exclusively available through the Vitro Certified™ Network of glass fabricators and window manufacturers. VacuMax™ VIG units are always tempered for safety and to ensure they perform exceptionally across indoor and outdoor temperature extremes.

Extended lead times apply to products using VacuMax™ VIG. Please consult with your National Architectural Manager or Commercial Account Manager for additional technical and logistics information.

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Compare the baseline performance of VacuMax™ VIG units to traditional IGU components and configurations.

AttributeMonolithic (Single-Pane) GlassDouble-Glazed IGUTriple-Glazed IGUVacuMax™ VIG
U-Value (Btu/hr•ft2•˚F)
Visible Light Transmittance (VLT)89%70%56%70%
Solar Heat Gain Coefficient (SHGC)0.820.390.310.38
Seal StrengthN/A150psi150psi3000psi
Thickness6 mm25 mm44 mm8.3 mm

Above data is for reference only. Calculation method not approved yet by National Fenestration Rating Council (NFRC) for VIG units. Specific product configurations, including substrates and low-e coatings, may affect the performance of constructed glazing systems.
*STC/OITC Tolerance +/-2