Vitro Architectural Glass (formerly PPG Glass) -Starphire Ultra-Clear® Low-Iron Glass - Exterior Float Glass


Achieve brilliant clarity and true-to-life views of the outdoors that conventional clear glass simply can't match.

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Vitro Architectural Glass (formerly PPG Glass)
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Starphire Ultra-Clear® Low-Iron Glass - Exterior Float Glass

Achieve brilliant clarity and true-to-life views of the outdoors that conventional clear glass simply can't match.

Optimal Performance and Clarity, Inside and Out

Starphire Ultra-Clear® glass by Vitro Architectural Glass (formerly PPG glass) provides an unprecedented option for curtainwall glass applications, offering brilliant clarity and true-to-life views of the outdoors that conventional glass simply can’t match.

Vision Glazings

No glazing product comes close to the clarity offered by Starphire Ultra-Clear® glass. To optimize transparent facades, curtainwalls, and commercial windows, specify Solarban® Starphire® glass for a 2 to 4 percent improvement in visible light transmittance (VLT) compared to coated conventional clear glass.

Decorative & Bird-Safe Glass

Starphire® glass is available in several functional and decorative exterior applications, including dichroic, acid-etched and bird-safe glasses. Vitro partners with Walker Glass to produce AviProtek® E bird-safe, solar control low-e glass with Solarban® coatings.

Entrance Glazings

Starphire® glass provides a combination of function and visual impact for both glass doors and larger entrance features, such as lobbies and reception areas. Starphire® glass sets a new standard with its unmatched clarity and sparkling blue edge.

Spandrel Glazings

For unique spandrel glass applications, true whites, pastels and earth-tone opacifiers can be employed on Starphire® glass without the green hue often found in ordinary clear glass. Starphire® glass can also be combined with harmonizing OPACI-COAT-300® spandrel coatings by ICD High Performance Coatings for an even wider range of colors.

Skylite Glazings

From art galleries and convention centers to corporate offices and shopping malls, skylites made with Starphire® glass can bring the beauty and brightness of the outdoors into a wide range of interiors, regardless of thickness.

Heavy Glass

Unlike conventional clear glass, the surface clarity of Starphire Ultra-Clear® glass becomes more apparent as the glass gets thicker and can transmit ample visible light even at varying thicknesses.

Fabrication and Availability

Solarban® Starphire® glasses are available through the Vitro Certified Network. Vitro Certified Fabricators can meet tight construction deadlines and accelerate the delivery of replacement glass before, during and after construction. Solarban® Starphire® glass must be heat-treated.

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