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Where ordinary clear glass was once a given, pure clarity is now within reach. Acuity™ glass is our affordable low-iron option.

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Vitro Architectural Glass (formerly PPG Glass)
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Solarban® R77 Solar Control Low-E Glass

Where ordinary clear glass was once a given, pure clarity is now within reach. Acuity™ glass is our affordable low-iron option.

Just the Right Balance of Reflectivity

Solarban® R77 glass reveals new design possibilities with its neutral-reflective, soft silver-blue aesthetic.

Clear Views. Natural, Neutral Daylighting.

Utilizing a magnetron sputtered vacuum deposition (MSVD) solar control, low-emissivity (low-e) coating, Solarban® R77 glass joins Vitro Glass’s family of neutral-reflective low-e glasses to showcase reflectivity that is higher than that of Solarban® 67 glass but lower than that of Solarban® R100 glass.

Thanks to its balanced, reflective visual quality, Solarban® R77 glass is ideal for realizing façade and curtainwall designs intended to capture the visual character of the sky and ambient environment.

On the building exterior, Solarban® R77 glass offers a crisp, silver-blue transmitted color. On the building interior, Solarban® R77 glass provides clear exterior views and soft, natural, neutral daylighting. Its low interior reflectance means Solarban® R77 glass offers crisp, lively views of the outdoors.

Solarban® R77 glass must always be heat-treated, even for laminated applications commonly suited for annealed glass.

Building Code Friendly

Solarban® R77 glass allows specifiers to meet increasingly stringent building code mandates and satisfies performance requirements for all climate zones in the United States and Canada under ASHRAE 90.1 standards.

Sample Offerings

Solarban® R77 glass samples are currently available for pre-order. Choose from 4" x 6" or 12" x 12" Solarban® R77 clear glass. Samples will ship when available.

Other Samples Coming Soon

The following samples will be available soon:

  • Solarban®R77 Acuity™ Glass
  • Solarban® R77 Starphire® Glass
  • Solarban® R77 Solexia® Glass
  • Solarban® R77 Atlantica® Glass
  • Solarban® R77 Azuria® Glass
  • Solarban® R77 Optiblue® Glass
  • Solarban® R77 Solarblue® Glass
  • Solarban® R77 Pacifica® Glass
  • Solarban® R77 Solarbronze® Glass
  • Solarban® R77 Optigray® Glass
  • Solarban® R77 Solargray® Glass

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LooksNeutral-Reflective, Silver-BlueReflectivityModerate-High
Performance Data Comparisons
Featured ConfigurationsVLTSHGC

Clear Glass + Clear


Solarban® R77 (2) Clear + Clear


Solarban® R77 (2) Acuity™ + Acuity™


Solarban® R77 (2) Starphire® + Starphire®


Solarban® R77 (2) Azuria® + Clear


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