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With the Solarban® Acuity™ Series, you can upgrade from coated clear glass for just a fraction of the total installed facade cos

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Vitro Architectural Glass (formerly PPG Glass)
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Acuity™ Low-Iron Glass

With the Solarban® Acuity™ Series, you can upgrade from coated clear glass for just a fraction of the total installed facade cos

Affordable Low‑E, Low‑Iron Glass

The right glass can be the centerpiece of your design. Combining the color fidelity of new Acuity™ low‑iron glass with the performance you expect from the Solarban® family of glasses, you can design an ambitious façade-and actually realize it, on budget and on time. Acuity™ glass is available with the full range of Solarban® solar control, low‑e coatings.

Less Green. For Less Green.

Vitro market research indicates the installed cost of a glass and metal curtainwall averages $90 per square foot nationally. Upgrading a standard low‑e coated clear insulating glass unit (IGU) to Solarban® Acuity™ glass unit typically will increase the total installed curtainwall cost by only 1-2 per square foot.

Developed based on 30 years of Starphire® glass manufacturing know-how, using proprietary low‑iron materials and processes, Acuity™ glass is 60 percent less green than standard "clear" glass. For the ultimate in transparent low‑iron glass, Starphire® glass is 87 percent less green and also can be coated with Solarban® low‑e coatings.

Acuity™ low‑iron glass is specially engineered for vision glazings, both as a substrate for Solarban® low‑e coatings and for all lites in an insulated unit or laminated configuration.

All configurations include uncoated Acuity™ glass as the interior lite. Available coatings include:

  • Solarban® 60 Glass
  • Solarban® 67 Glass
  • Solarban® 72 Glass
  • Solarban® 90 Glass
  • Solarban® R100 Glass

In addition to office buildings, institutions, hotels and schools, Solarban® Acuity™ glass can be specified for exterior applications from luxury condominiums and mixed-use buildings to entrances and storefronts. Solarban® Acuity™ glass is also ideal for distinctive exterior applications such as atriums, skylights and spandrel glass.

Fabrication & Availability

Acuity™ glass is available in 6 mm, 8 mm and 10 mm thicknesses. Solarban® Acuity™ glass is stocked at all Vitro facilities for immediate shipment with the same lead time as all Solarban® glass products. All Solarban® solar control low‑e glasses are available through the Vitro Certified™ Network.

* Like Solarban® Starphire® glass, Solarban® Acuity™ glass delivers a distinctive low‑iron aesthetic with high transparency and visible light transmittance.

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LooksExceptionally clear; 60% less green than conventional clear glassReflectivityLow
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Featured ConfigurationsVLTSHGC

Solarban® 60 (2) Acuity™ + Acuity™


Solarban® 67 (2) Acuity™ + Acuity™


Solarban® 72 (2) Acuity™ + Acuity™


Solarban® 90 (2) Acuity™ + Acuity™


Solarban® R100 (2) Acuity™ + Acuity™


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