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Deck-Liner™ Panel

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Varco Pruden Buildings
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Deck-Liner™ Panel

Deck-Liner™ can be used as a base layer over purlins or joist when designing a composite roof system to provide additional thermal protection and an attractive ceiling. Also, Deck-Liner™ can be used as an economical option for interior walls and roof liners. In mezzanine applications, Deck-Liner™ serves as an inexpensive decking base.

Deck-Liner™ wall panels are 28 gauge and measure 36" wide. The wall panel is painted with a white polyester finish on one side and a gray primer coating on the reverse or bare Galvalume. Deck-liner panels are available in 28 (1), 26 (2), 24 (2) and 22 (1) gauges. (1) Finish options include Galvalume and polyester white, (2) Finish options include Cool Arctic White, Cool Egyptian White, Cool Cotton White, Cool Colonial Red, Cool Straw Gold, Cool Dark Bronze, Cool Bermuda Green, Cool Imperial Blue, Cool Granite Gray, Cool Sierra Tan, Cool Cobalt Blue and Cool Zinc Gray.

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  • 36" Coverage

  • Lengths up to 39'