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TOOLS & MATERIALS REQUIRED WHEN SEALING Pump-up sprayer with conical tip (acetone resistant sprayer if using acetone) If not using drip-less sprayer

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Super Dye (Acetone Dye Concentrate for Interior Concrete)

TOOLS & MATERIALS REQUIRED WHEN SEALING Pump-up sprayer with conical tip (acetone resistant sprayer if using acetone) If not using drip-less sprayer, absorbent cloth or small container to catch drips Painter’s masking tape and plastic sheeting Synthetic bristle brush Clean water for cleaning equipment TEST BEFORE PROCEEDING Test an inconspicuous area to be sure that concrete accepts stain and color meets expectation before proceeding. Test for water seep by taping plastic on one square foot of floor. Remove plastic the following day. If floor is wet, you should not stain and seal floor. If concrete is dusty, do not proceed until densified. SURFACE PREPARATION All walls, furniture, columns, or other items/areas that you do not want to color should be masked using painter’s tape and plastic sheeting. This will protect the items from over spray. Concrete should be at least 4 weeks old, free of dirt, dust, and oil. For polishing, profile with a coarse grit. For sealing, proceed as follows: Pre-etch and clean with V-SCRUB ETCH until concrete readily absorbs water and follow with V-SCRUB HD Cleaner and Degreaser. Dense concrete surfaces may require mechanical preparation to accept dye. Dusty concrete surfaces are not suitable for coating application. For oily, surfaces, V-SCRUB HD is recommended. Power wash the surface at 3000 psi. If not possible, scrub with clean water and remove excess. Allow to dry 24 hours. DYE PREPARATION SUPER DYE concentrate should be transferred into a 1-gallon sprayer. Use clean water or acetone to rinse the residue from the concentrate bottle into the 1-gallon container. Repeat this step until all SUPER DYE is out of the bottle. Add clean water or acetone to a final volume of 1 gallon. If diluted with acetone, floor can be sealed same day. If diluted with water, floor should be sealed when completely dry. To use larger capacity sprayers, adjust volumes. APPLICATION Always apply a test spot in an inconspicuous area before proceeding with a project. Apply with a pump up sprayer using a conical, fine-spray tip. Small areas can be brushed using a circular motion to avoid brush strokes. Take care to maintain a wet edge to avoid bleed lines. Do not apply more material than the surface will absorb in 1 minute. If not using a drip-less sprayer, tape a piece of cloth or a small container to the sprayer body to catch drips when not spraying the material. Place the tip of the spray wand on the cloth or into the small container immediately after releasing the spray handle. Apply the dye uniformly to obtain a more uniform final appearance. Apply in a random, circular motion with some overlapping to generate a mottled look that more closely resembles acid stain. Colors should not be blended but you can apply one color over another to create a unique color. Depending on the depth of color that is desired, more than one application may be required. Use clean water or acetone to rinse the sprayer between color changes. Keep a container of clean water or acetone available and place the end of the sprayer wand into it between applications to keep the tip from becoming clogged. POLISHING Grind surface to between 200 and 400 grit. Apply SUPER DYE. Densify with Industra-Seal 117PLS. Polish to desired finish. To protect floor from staining, apply Industra-Seal Guard. COVERAGE RATE Approximately 200-400 square feet per gallon, depending on porosity and depth of color desired. SEALING The surface must be sealed with a clear concrete sealer to lock in and protect the color. If dye residue is present, remove with white buffing pad and tack cloth. Do not use water. A light initial coat of sealer should be applied to the surface with a pump sprayer to “lock in” the dye. Apply sealer per the manufacturer’s instructions. If using water-based dyes, wait 4 hours to start sealing with a water-based sealer and 8 hours for a solvent based sealer. If using acetone based dye, you can seal immediately. Seal with Industra-Coat 3015 or suitable Industra-Coat Epoxy & Urethane System. For ongoing maintenance after sealing, only use mild neutral cleaners and soft cleaning tools to avoid damaging coatings. TECHNICAL DATA VOC: <15 g/L Flash Point: 150° F DOT: Non-Regulated Material


CONCENTRATED: Add 1 bottle to 1 gallon of Water or Acetone Approximately 200-400 square feet per gallon, depending on porosity and depth of color desired.

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