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Scala XL is an enlarged version of Anya Sebton’s influential sound-absorbent Scala. Scala XL is developed to improve the soundscape in large and noisy spaces such as assembly halls, auditoriums, lobbies, and shopping malls.

Category: absorbers | polyester panels | sound attenuation...

MasterFormat: Acoustic Treatment | Acoustic Insulation | Acoustic Board Insulation...

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Scala XL Panel


Scala XL is an enlarged version of Anya Sebton’s influential sound-absorbent Scala. Scala XL is developed to improve the soundscape in large and noisy spaces such as assembly halls, auditoriums, lobbies, and shopping malls. Scala XL’s interplay of shape and material has a powerful sound absorbing effect.

The increase of size not only amplifies its acoustic capacity, but also affects its aesthetic qualities. Scala XL has a bold, sculptural appearance. The design is inspired by arched roofs, and columns.


Anya Sebton




California 01350 Emissions Compliant, Low VOC, Rapidly Renewable Content, mindful MATERIALS, EPD, HPD, Declare CDPH Emissions Compliant



NRC Rating

Concave- 0.80 - Convex- 0.85


Please see specification page for complete details

Sold In



ASTM E84 Class C

Additional Information

- Scala XL tiles are available in two different versions, ‘convex’ or ‘concave’.
- Scala XL concave tiles are offered as a stand-alone single tile, or as a group to be placed directly next to each other. It is important that each end of the Scala XL concave pattern is finished by a “right” and/or a “left” tile in order to produce a beautiful completion of the waveform. Between these only fit “Middle” modules. This only pertains to the Scala XL concave modules.
- Scala XL convex modules do not need a left or right module to complete an installation.
- Scala XL is suspended from a wall by using concealed metal fittings.
- Scala is available in several different coverings with the compositions indicated below:
- Focus + Focus Mélange fabric 100% New Zealand Wool
- Divina fabric 100% New Wool
- Snow White fabric 100% Polyester
- Soundfelt 100% Polyester (51% recycled Polyester)

- General Care: To preserve the fabric color and appearance of the fabric, Scala Wall should be vacuumed regularly with a soft nozzle.
- Polyester Stain Removal: Use an uncolored paper towel or cloth to soak up as much of the stain as possible. Died stains should be vacuumed. Moisten the stain lightly with a clean white cotton cloth, lukewarm water, and if needed, a small amount of pH-neutral detergent. Press a dry cloth against the fabric so that the moisture and dirt are absorbed. Repeat moistening and soaking until the stain is gone. Use clean water without detergent at the last moistening. Finish with soaking.
- Wool Stain Removal: Dab or wipe gently with a moist cloth

- Please Note: Scala panels CANNOT be cut in the field.

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Available Colors
/c0106 Divina Steel Water/c0154 Divina Blue Steel/c0171 Divina Grey Cloud/c0173 Divina Steel
/c0181 Divina Anchor/c0191 Divina Charcoal/c0224 Divina Thunder/c0236 Divina Desert Gold
/c0246 Divina Harvest Gold/c0334 Divina Fawn/c0346 Divina Deep Golden/c0356 Divina Artichoke
/c0376 Divina Dusty Violet/c0384 Divina Sage Pine/c0393 Divina Mocha/c0426 Divina Canary Gold
/c0444 Divina Sunflower Fields/c0462 Divina Yellow Gold/c0526 Divina Apricot Sherbet/c0536 Divina Tangerine
/c0542 Divina Orange/c0552 Divina Santa Fe/c0562 Divina Pumpkin Orange/c0584 Divina Brick Clay
/c0623 Divina Tomato Rouge/c0626 Divina Pink Berry/c0636 Divina Very Berry/c0652 Divina Boysenberry
/c0662 Divina Plum Berry/c0666 Divina Purple Fun/c0671 Divina Deep Magenta/c0676 Divina Lavender Sky
/c0684 Divina Almost Royal/c0686 Divina Very Royal/c0691 Divina Feeling Grey/c0692 Divina Purple
/c0696 Divina Violet/c0712 Divina Blue Sky/c0742 Divina Deep Sky/c0756 Divina Lapis
/c0782 Divina Purple Velvet/c0791 Divina Blue Velvet/c0793 Divina Basque/c0826 Divina Cerulean
/c0836 Divina Powder Blue/c0846 Divina Pistachio Fern/c0856 Divina Green Tea/c0876 Divina Eden Forest
/c0886 Divina Jade Forest/c0893 Divina Teal Velvet/c0922 Divina Kelly/c0936 Divina Avocado
/c0944 Divina Smoky Taupe/c0956 Divina Pickle/c0966 Divina Fern/c0984 Divina Carob
/90 Snow White/15 White/16 Grey/17 Dark Grey
/18 Black/60099 Focus Mélange/60308 Focus Mélange/60310 Focus Mélange
/60900 Focus Mélange/61235 Focus Mélange/61236 Focus Mélange/61237 Focus Mélange
/61238 Focus Mélange/61239 Focus Mélange/61241 Focus Mélange/61242 Focus Mélange
/61243 Focus Mélange/62117 Focus Mélange/62118 Focus Mélange/63112 Focus Mélange
/64241 Focus Mélange/64242 Focus Mélange/64243 Focus Mélange/64244 Focus Mélange
/64245 Focus Mélange/65132 Focus Mélange/65133 Focus Mélange/66210 Focus Mélange
/66211 Focus Mélange/66219 Focus Mélange/66220 Focus Mélange/66221 Focus Mélange
/66222 Focus Mélange/66223 Focus Mélange/66224 Focus Mélange/68234 Focus Mélange
/68235 Focus Mélange/68244 Focus Mélange/68245 Focus Mélange/68246 Focus Mélange
/68247 Focus Mélange/68248 Focus Mélange/*60309 Focus Mélange - Standard/*60311 Focus Mélange - Standard
/*60312 Focus Mélange - Standard/*61240 Focus Mélange - Standard/*66209 Focus Mélange - Standard/*68249 Focus Mélange - Standard
/60008 Focus/60200 Focus/60209 Focus/60210 Focus
/60211 Focus/60212 Focus/60999 Focus/61035 Focus
/61036 Focus/61037 Focus/61039 Focus/61040 Focus
/61042 Focus/61043 Focus/61244 Focus/61248 Focus
/62018 Focus/63133 Focus/64041 Focus/64043 Focus
/64044 Focus/64045 Focus/65032 Focus/65033 Focus
/66010 Focus/66011 Focus/66020 Focus/66021 Focus
/66022 Focus/66023 Focus/68047 Focus/68048 Focus
/68049 Focus/68250 Focus