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The Coffered Ceiling Tiles are available in two depths as either an inverted or extruded version and an assortment of colors. The tiles have been designed to be installed as a traditional coffered tile or can be reversed to hang below the ceiling to create dramatic visual elements.

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Coffered Ceiling Tile Collection

The Coffered Ceiling Tiles are available in two depths as either an inverted or extruded version and an assortment of colors. The tiles have been designed to be installed as a traditional coffered tile or can be reversed to hang below the ceiling to create dramatic visual elements. These tiles can be combined with Unika Vaev’s lighted extruded ceiling tiles to create beautiful upgrades within any drop ceiling.

Additional Features


Unika Vaev Design Studio


100% PET


HPD, Low VOC, No Conflict Minerals, No Fire Retardant Additives, Prop 65 Compliant, Published with mindful MATERIALS, Rapidly Renewable Content, Red List Compliant


  • Coffered Tiles are produced with 100% Polyester
  • No VOCs
  • Designed with the environment in mind, all tiles are recyclable

Additional Information

  • All tiles are Compatible with 9/16” and 15/16” exposed tee grid systems in slim and standard profiles
  • Tiles install very quickly and are designed to be moved from location to location with ease
  • Available in four styles; Coffered Shallow, Coffered Deep, Extruded Shallow, and Extruded Deep
  • Boxes may not be mixed for either depth or color
  • PLEASE NOTE: It is the responsibility of site installation managers to confirm compatibility between the ceiling grid system specified and the dimensions of ceiling tiles prior to placement of purchase order. Custom size ceiling tiles can be produced, however, conditions do apply. Please contact Unika Vaev customer service or your local sales representative for more information.
  • Custom printing of close color match to non-coated Pantone colors is available as a custom option.

NRC Rating

0.85 with an 8” air gap


(L) 24" x (W) 24" x (D) 1.5" or 2.8" (depths for both coffered and extruded tiles)

Sold In

Box sets of 12


ASTM E84 Class A, CAN ULC S102

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Available Colors
Solid Core - Dark BlueSolid Core - Dark GreySolid Core - Darkest GreySolid Core - Green
Solid Core - Light BlueSolid Core – AlmondSolid Core - Light GreySolid Core - Lightest Grey
Solid Core - Medium GreySolid Core - RedSolid Core - Yellow/Y0376 Optical Solids - Pale Brass
/Y0831 Optical Solids - Let it Rain/Y0832 Optical Solids - Sea Wall/Y0833 Optical Solids - Sea Side/Y0834 Optical Solids - Savina
/Y0835 Optical Solids - Rendezvous/Y0836 Optical Solids - Tomatillo/Y0837 Optical Solids - Razzle/Y0838 Optical Solids - Palace
/Y0839 Optical Solids - Admiral/Y0841 Optical Solids - Mistletoe/Y0842 Optical Solids - Aegean Sea/Y0843 Optical Solids - Cricket
/Y0844 Optical Solids - Rose Dust/Y0845 Optical Solids - Spritz/Y0846 Optical Solids - Southern Cross /Y0847 Optical Solids - Tewkesbury
/Y0848 Optical Solids - Rugby /Y0849 Optical Solids - Jean /Y0851 Optical Solids - Rosemary /Y0852 Optical Solids - Chutney
/Y0853 Optical Solids - Persimmon /Y0854 Optical Solids - Bakelite Gold /Y0855 Optical Solids - Silvan /Y0856 Optical Solids - Evergreen
/Y0857 Optical Solids - Santiam /Y0858 Optical Solids - Carnival /Y0859 Optical Solids - Prickly Pear /Y0333 Textures - Guava
/Y0334 Textures - Hibiscus Tea /Y0335 Textures - Peach Sorbet /Y0336 Textures - Papaya /Y0337 Textures - Chili Powder
/Y0338 Textures - Marmalade /Y0339 Textures - Salmon /Y0341 Textures - Aged Port /Y0342 Textures - Sugar Cookie
/Y0343 Textures - Coffee Ice /Y0344 Textures - Buttercream /Y0345 Textures - Wheat Berry /Y0346 Textures - Quince
/Y0347 Textures - Buttered Squash /Y0348 Textures - Dried Sage /Y0349 Textures - Cucumber Juice /Y0351 Textures - Kale Leaf
/Y0352 Textures - Bellini Blue /Y0353 Textures - Blue Curacaco /Y0354 Textures - Blueberry Tart /Y0355 Textures - Blueberry Taffy
/Y0356 Textures - Sea Berry /Y0357 Textures - Ink Soup /Y0358 Textures - Raspberry Cream /Y0359 Textures - Lemon Lime
/Y0377 Textures - Radiant Brass /Y0379 Textures - Antique Brass /Y0381 Textures - Light Oil Bronze /Y0382 Textures - Faded Bronze
/Y0383 Textures - Burnished Bronze /Y0384 Textures - Weathered Bronze /Y0385 Textures - Aged Bronze /Y0386 Textures - Fountain Penny
/Y0387 Textures - Copper Alloy /Y0388 Textures - New Penny /Y0389 Textures - Burnished Copper /Y0391 Textures - Polished Silver
/Y0392 Textures - Heirloom Silver /Y0393 Textures - Oxidized Silver /Y0475 Textures - Fruit Punch /Y0476 Textures - Waterspout
/Y0644 Textures - Dublin Crossweave /Y0667 Textures - Berry /Y0686 Textures - Iced Mint /Y0698 Textures - Bonaire
/Y0723-60 Textures - Hot Sun /Y0731 Textures - Majesty /Y0732 Textures - Blue Yonder /Y0733 Textures - Orange Crush
/Y0734 Textures - Grape Jelly /Y0735 Textures - Granny Smith /Y0736 Textures - Green Tourmaline /Y0737 Textures - Iolite
/Y0056K Wood Grains - Antique Wood /Y0257K Wood Grains - Factory Antique Wood /Y0258K Wood Grains - Mill Antique Wood /Y0268 Wood Grains - Chesapeake Antique Wood
/Y0269 Wood Grains - Beach Antique Wood /Y0271 Wood Grains - Pickled Antique Wood /Y0279 Wood Grains - Verdigris Crown /Y0281 Wood Grains - Hemlock Crown
/Y0282 Wood Grains - Gunmetal Crown /Y0283 Wood Grains - Terra Cotta Crown /Y0284 Wood Grains - Sienna Crown /Y0285 Wood Grains - Natural Crown
/Y0286 Wood Grains - Anasazi Crown /Y0287K Wood Grains - Pepper Alona /Y0288K Wood Grains - Timberwolf Alona /Y0289 Wood Grains - Amber Alona
/Y0291K Wood Grains - Russet Alona /Y0292K Wood Grains - Monarch Alona /Y0293K Wood Grains - Apricot Alona /Y0294K Wood Grains - Flax Alona
/Y0298 Wood Grains - Reclaimed Oak /Y0299K Wood Grains - Rediscovered Oak /Y0301K Wood Grains - Revived Oak /Y0305K Wood Grains - Antique Tobacco Pine
/Y0306K Wood Grains - Antique Cognac Pine/Y0332 Wood Grains - Restored Oak/Y0363 Wood Grains - Remade Oak/Y0365 Wood Grains - Repurposed Oak
/Y0472 Wood Grains - Salem Chestnut/Y0484 Wood Grains - Rancho Red Pine/Y0485 Wood Grains - Border Blue Pine/Y0487 Wood Grains - Scorched Chestnut
/Y0489 Wood Grains - Stone Alona/Y0546 Wood Grains - Misty Crown/Y0632 Wood Grains - Barn Door/Y0653 Wood Grains - Brown Tulipwood
/Y0654 Wood Grains - Natural Tulipwood/Y0699 Wood Grains - Fumed Maple/Y0706 Wood Grains - Grey Plywood/Y0707 Wood Grains - Natural Plywood
/Y0728 Wood Grains - Island Oak/Y0742 Wood Grains - Washington Slab/Y0756 Wood Grains - Texas Mesquite/Y0758 Wood Grains - Flagstaff Lodge
/Y0765 Wood Grains - Raw Maple/Y0805 Wood Grains - Washed Crown/Y0806 Wood Grains - Bleached Crown/Y0817 Wood Grains - Planked Louisiana Pecan
/Y0818 Wood Grains - Louisiana Pecan/Y0819 Wood Grains - Weathered Pecan/YS001 Wood Grains - Oak Wash/YS002 Wood Grains - Oak Char
/YS003 Wood Grains - Oak Raw/YS004 Wood Grains - Oak Navy/YS005 Wood Grains - Oak Grey/YS006 Wood Grains - Oak Jacobean
/YS007 Wood Grains - Oak Early American/YS008 Wood Grains - Straight Cut Oak Wash/YS009 Wood Grains - Straight Cut Oak Char/YS011 Wood Grains - Straight Cut Oak Raw
/YS012 Wood Grains - Straight Cut Oak Navy/YS013 Wood Grains - Straight Cut Oak Grey/YS014 Wood Grains - Straight Cut Oak Jacobean/YS015 Wood Grains - Straight Cut Oak Early American
/YS016 Wood Grains - Walnut Wash/YS017 Wood Grains - Walnut Char/YS018 Wood Grains - Walnut Raw/YS019 Wood Grains - Walnut Navy
/YS021 Wood Grains - Walnut Grey/YS022 Wood Grains - Walnut Jacobean/YS023 Wood Grains - Walnut Early Amerian/Y0371 Stone & Steel - Arden Park Carrera
/Y0372 Stone & Steel - Arden Park Marble/Y0374 Stone & Steel - Mack Ave Concrete/Y0394 Stone & Steel - Milwaukee Junction Steel/Y0395 Stone & Steel - Milwaukee Junction Copper
/Y0396 Stone & Steel - Milwaukee Junction Zinc/Y0397 Stone & Steel - Milwaukee Junction Rust/Y0398 Stone & Steel - Milwaukee Junction Oxide/Y0719 Stone & Steel - Aged Wall
/Y0053K Studio Patterns - Jadite Milk Paint/Y0054 Studio Patterns - Milk Paint/Y0055K Studio Patterns - Mason Milk Paint/Y0254K Studio Patterns - Spanish Milk Paint
/Y0255K Studio Patterns - Chestnut Milk Paint/Y0256K Studio Patterns - Custard Milk Paint/Y0274K Studio Patterns - Cornflower Milk Paint/Y0295K Studio Patterns - Lace Gesso Wood
/Y0296 Studio Patterns - Silver Gesso Wood/Y0297K Studio Patterns - Blonde Gesso Wood/Y0692 Studio Patterns - Textured Papyrus/Y0488 Abstracts - Ash Arabesque
/Y0492 Abstracts - Sun Bleach Arabesque/Y0493 Abstracts - Olive Arabesque/Y0494 Abstracts - Sky Arabesque/Y0673 Abstracts - Classic Marbleized
/Y0678 Abstracts - Big Plaid/Y0685 Abstracts - Basil Honeycomb/Y0687 Abstracts - Raspberry Parfait Honeycomb/Y0724-60 Abstracts - Dusty Mauve Honeycomb
/Y0746 Abstracts - Artisan Find/Y0749 Abstracts - Grateful Dyed/Y0767 Abstracts - Green Sew and Sew/Y0768 Abstracts - Blue Sew and Sew
/Y0794 Abstracts - Artisan Vessel
Solid Core Coffered Tile Renderings
Dark BlueDark GreyDarkest GreyGreen
Light BlueLight BrownLight GreyLightest Grey
Medium GreyRedYellowDark Blue
Dark GreyDarkest GreyGreenLight Blue
Light BrownLight GreyLightest GreyMedium Grey