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Alumi Screen is a flexible freestanding screen for the office as well as for public areas. The acoustic filling is made from mineral wool.

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Alumi Screens


Alumi Screen is a flexible freestanding screen for the office as well as for public areas. The acoustic filling is made from mineral wool. The framework and the edge for the Alumi Screens are made from aluminum, which means that it is light in weight and very solid. The flexibility of the screen and its technical features add to a wide range of usage. Alumi Screens can be used as a freestanding unit or connected together. Both sides of the screen are covered in either compressed, sound absorbing polyester felt, or fabric.


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Rapidly Renewable Content, Recycled Content, EPD


100% Mineral Wool


<p>100% Aluminum or White Anodized Aluminum</p>


<p>100% Aluminum</p>

NRC Rating



Depth: 2.3”, Widths: 31.7”, 47.5” or 55.4”. Heights: (excluding feet): 51.4”, 59.3”, 71.1” or 79” 'Molded' single and connecting leg - 2” h, 17.3” w; “peg-leg” - 2” h, 2.1” w; caster leg - 3.9” h, 17.3” w. 'Basic' single leg and connecting leg - 2” h, 17.7” w; 'peg-leg' - 2” h, 2” w; caster leg - 2” h, 17.7” w

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Additional Information

Alumi Screens are available in several coverings.
- Compacted 100% Polyester Felt with choice of embossed pattern, Dot, Block, or Stop in 3 color choices
- Focus & Focus Mélange fabric 100% New Zealand Wool
- Salsa fabric 100% Polyester
- Dox fabric 100% Polyester

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Available Colors
Alumi Stop - Dark GreyAlumi Stop - Light GreyAlumi Stop - White/01 Alumi Dot - White
/02 Alumi Dot - Light Grey/03 Alumi Dot - Dark grey/11 Alumi Plain - White/12 Alumi Plain - Light Grey
/13 Alumi Plain - Dark Grey/15 Alumi Block - Light Grey/16 Alumi Block - Dark Grey/18 Alumi Block - White
/30 Salsa Light-Grey/31 Salsa Blue/32 Salsa Dark-Middle Grey/33 Salsa Yellow
/34 Salsa Dark-Yellow/35 Salsa Dark Green/36 Salsa Middle-Grey/39 Salsa Pink
/40 Salsa Dark-Blue/54 Salsa Light-Pink/55 Salsa Green/56 Salsa Brown
/57 Salsa Beige/60000 Event Crisp White/60002 Event Steel/60004 Event Gravel
/60021 Event Anchor/60999 Event Onyx/61008 Event Flax/61011 Event Saddle Brown
/62048 Event Light Olive/62093 Event Pebble Sand/62095 Event Honey Dijon/62096 Event Sunflower
/63013 Event Rust/64029 Event Rhubarb Red/64119 Event Persian Red/64146 Event Pink Berry
/64183 Event Rose Crepe/65112 Event Lavender Dream/66006 Event Feeling Royal/66030 Event Blue Pansy
/66031 Event Powder Blue/66188 Event Deep Lavender/67015 Event Pale Turquoise/67017 Event Soft Azure
/67042 Event Teal Ocean/67070 Event Carolina/68145 Event Pear/68146 Event Jade