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”It is not an acoustic panel with LED lighting. It’s a lamp with acoustic properties”, states Cutu Mazuelos, who designed Trumpet together with Eva Prego from Stone Designs.

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Trumpet Acoustic Lighting


”It is not an acoustic panel with LED lighting. It’s a lamp with acoustic properties”, states Cutu Mazuelos, who designed Trumpet together with Eva Prego from Stone Designs. The difference is important for the designers who aims to contribute not only with acoustic function but also with a temperament that enriches everyday life. Trumpet is characterized by simplicity and a careful attention to the detail, which become obvious when you have a close look. Here, the designers use the iconic shape of the music instrument to both direct the light and to make a subtle connection to the space below the lamp. Trumpet has a solid wood body and an acoustic core made from recycled waste fabrics and worn-out PET bottles. Trumpet is remarkably thin, which gives the product a certain elegance. Yet, it makes a huge difference when it comes to noise.


Stone Designs




Rapidly Renewable Content, Recycled Content


50% Recycled PET, 50% Fabric Waste


<p>100% Plywood</p>

NRC Rating



(L) 40.9" x (H) 20.25" x (D) 3.1", or (L) 80.3" x (H) 20.25" x (D) 3.1"

Sold In

Individually with 118" suspension cable and 236" electrical cord


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Additional Information

- Custom sizes are available upon request.
Fabric coverings for Trumpet with their respective content makeups:
- Salsa: 100% Polyester
- Dox: 100% Polyester
- Focus + Focus Mélange fabric 100% New Zealand Wool
- Divina: 100% New Wool
- Xtreme CS: 100% Trevira CS
Please refer to the specification pages for further details on the lighting


- Trumpet (40.9″) NRC 0.40
- Trumpet (80.3″) NRC 0.45

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Available Colors
/30 Salsa Light-Grey/31 Salsa Blue/32 Salsa Dark-Middle Grey/33 Salsa Yellow
/34 Salsa Dark-Yellow/35 Salsa Dark Green/36 Salsa Middle-Grey/39 Salsa Pink
/40 Salsa Dark-Blue/54 Salsa Light-Pink/55 Salsa Green/56 Salsa Brown
/57 Salsa Beige/50 Dox Black/51 Dox Dark Grey/52 Dox Middle Grey
/53 Dox Light Grey/60008 Focus/60200 Focus/60209 Focus
/60210 Focus/60211 Focus/60212 Focus/60999 Focus
/61035 Focus/61036 Focus/61037 Focus/61039 Focus
/61040 Focus/61042 Focus/61043 Focus/61244 Focus
/61248 Focus/62018 Focus/63133 Focus/64041 Focus
/64043 Focus/64044 Focus/64045 Focus/65032 Focus
/65033 Focus/66010 Focus/66011 Focus/66020 Focus
/66021 Focus/66022 Focus/66023 Focus/68047 Focus
/68048 Focus/68049 Focus/68250 Focus/60099 Focus Mélange
/60308 Focus Mélange/60310 Focus Mélange/60900 Focus Mélange/61235 Focus Mélange
/61236 Focus Mélange/61237 Focus Mélange/61238 Focus Mélange/61239 Focus Mélange
/61241 Focus Mélange/61242 Focus Mélange/61243 Focus Mélange/62117 Focus Mélange
/62118 Focus Mélange/63112 Focus Mélange/64241 Focus Mélange/64242 Focus Mélange
/64243 Focus Mélange/64244 Focus Mélange/64245 Focus Mélange/65132 Focus Mélange
/65133 Focus Mélange/66210 Focus Mélange/66211 Focus Mélange/66219 Focus Mélange
/66220 Focus Mélange/66221 Focus Mélange/66222 Focus Mélange/66223 Focus Mélange
/66224 Focus Mélange/68234 Focus Mélange/68235 Focus Mélange/68244 Focus Mélange
/68245 Focus Mélange/68246 Focus Mélange/68247 Focus Mélange/68248 Focus Mélange
/*60309 Focus Mélange - Standard/*60311 Focus Mélange - Standard/*60312 Focus Mélange - Standard/*61240 Focus Mélange - Standard
/*66209 Focus Mélange - Standard/*68249 Focus Mélange - Standard
Trumpet Options
Trumpet 1000 DownlightTrumpet 1000 UplightTrumpet 1000 Uplight + DownlightTrumpet 2000 Downlight
Trumpet 2000 UplightTrumpet 2000 Uplight + Downlight