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Softline is a modular screen partition system that easily adapts to the changing requirements of the functional work-space.

Category: 12 50 00 | absorbers | interior dividers...

MasterFormat: Acoustic Treatment | Acoustic Insulation | Portable Partitions, Screens, and Panels...

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Softline Floor Screen

Softline is a modular screen partition system that easily adapts to the changing requirements of the functional work-space. Available in different sizes and shapes, as floor screens or table screens, Softline’s solid wood frame, connecting system, and leg platform offers excellent stability. A sound-absorbing mineral wool core and cover fabric in many colors creates an attractive acoustically comfortable work-space.

Unika Vaev is now introducing an upper section of transparent acrylic glass for the Softline series which are suitable for both the floor screens and the table screens. The top bracket can be mounted directly from the factory when ordered, or It is possible to mount the bracket yourself on an existing screen.


Abstracta Design




Rapidly Renewable Content, Healthier Hospitals, EPD


100% Mineral Wool


100% Pine


100% Steel lacquered in Black, Grey, or White

NRC Rating



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Additional Information

Softline Screens are available in several coverings, contents detailed below:
- Blazer fabric 100% Wool
- Salsa fabric 100% Polyester
- Dox fabric 100% Polyester
Soneo leg color options below:
- Black Lacquered (RAL 9011)
- Grey Lacquered (RAL 9007)
- White Lacquered (RAL 9002)

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/30 Salsa Light-Grey/31 Salsa Blue/32 Salsa Dark-Middle Grey/33 Salsa Yellow
/34 Salsa Dark-Yellow/35 Salsa Green/36 Salsa Middle-Grey/39 Salsa Pink
/40 Salsa Dark-Blue/50 Dox Black/51 Dox Dark Grey/52 Dox Middle Grey
/53 Dox Light Grey/54 Salsa Light-Pink/55 Salsa Green/56 Salsa Brown
/57 Salsa Beige/60000 Event Crisp White/60002 Event Steel/60004 Event Gravel
/60021 Event Anchor/60999 Event Onyx/61008 Event Flax/61011 Event Saddle Brown
/62048 Event Light Olive/62093 Event Pebble Sand/62095 Event Honey Dijon/62096 Event Sunflower
/63013 Event Rust/64029 Event Rhubarb Red/64119 Event Persian Red/64146 Event Pink Berry
/64183 Event Rose Crepe/65112 Event Lavender Dream/66006 Event Feeling Royal/66030 Event Blue Pansy
/66031 Event Powder Blue/66188 Event Deep Lavender/67015 Event Pale Turquoise/67017 Event Soft Azure
/67042 Event Teal Ocean/67070 Event Carolina/68145 Event Pear/68146 Event Jade
/CUZ02 Blazer Aston/CUZ08 Blazer Napier/CUZ09 Blazer Oxford/CUZ12 Blazer Winchester
/CUZ13 Blazer Wellington/CUZ18 Blazer Oriel/CUZ1E Blazer Surrey/CUZ1F Blazer Ulster
/CUZ1J Blazer Aberlour/CUZ1K Blazer Camphill/CUZ1L Blazer Newport/CUZ1M Blazer Glasgow
/CUZ1N Blazer Cardif/CUZ1P Blazer Hull/CUZ1R Blazer Plymouth/CUZ1T Blazer Sheffield
/CUZ1V Blazer Manchester/CUZ1W Blazer Newcastle/CUZ1Y Blazer Edinburgh/CUZ21 Blazer Magdalene
/CUZ26 Blazer Knightsbridge/CUZ28 Blazer Silverdale/CUZ2Q Blazer Dartmouth/CUZ2R Blazer Stanford
/CUZ2S Blazer Barnard/CUZ2T Blazer Holyoke/CUZ2U Blazer Vassar/CUZ2W Blazer Eynesbury
/CUZ2X Blazer Penola/CUZ2Y Blazer Tindale/CUZ2Z Blazer Woodcroft/CUZ30 Blazer Silcoates
/CUZ31 Blazer Trevelyan/CUZ33 Blazer Laytmer/CUZ35 Blazer Bromsgrove/CUZ39 Blazer Goldsmith
/CUZ3A Blazer Montcrest/CUZ3B Blazer Abertay/CUZ3C Blazer Marymount/CUZ3D Blazer Barlborough
/CUZ3E Blazer Scottsdale/CUZ47 Blazer Fairfield/CUZ53 Blazer Bryanston/CUZ58 Blazer Dunhurst
/CUZ62 Blazer Glenalmond/CUZ63 Blazer Handcross/CUZ67 Blazer Kingsmead/CUZ82 Blazer Wesley
/CUZ86 Blazer St Andrews/CUZ90 Blazer Edge Hill