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Scala floor screen is made from compressed felt fabric on a molded sound-absorbing polyester core. The design of the sound-absorbent Scala is not only developed for visual reasons, but primarily to contribute to a softer soundscape.

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Scala Floor Screens

Scala floor screen is made from compressed felt fabric on a molded sound-absorbing polyester core. The design of the sound-absorbent Scala is not only developed for visualreasons, but primarily to contribute to a softer soundscape. Scala is a playful take on corrugated iron that simultaneously employs the functionality of the shape. They are available in six standard colors and are 100% recyclable. The steel tubing that supports the Scala Floor Screens are available in a black or white lacquered finish and are consistent with the industrial look of the design.


Anya Sebton




Environmental Product, Rapidly Renewable Content


100% Polyester


100% Molded Polyester


100% Aluminum with White or Black powder coat finish

NRC Rating



Widths- 23.75", 35.6", or 47.5" x height- 64.9" x depth- .6"

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Additional Information

Scala Screens are available in several coverings, content detailed below.
- Blazer fabric 100% Wool
- Divina fabric 100% New Wool
- Snow White fabric 100% Polyester

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90 Snow WhiteC0106 Divina Steel WaterC0154 Divina Blue SteelC0171 Divina Grey Cloud
C0173 Divina SteelC0181 Divina AnchorC0191 Divina CharcoalC0224 Divina Thunder
C0236 Divina Desert GoldC0246 Divina Harvest GoldC0334 Divina FawnC0346 Divina Deep Golden
C0356 Divina ArtichokeC0376 Divina Dusty VioletC0384 Divina Sage PineC0393 Divina Mocha
C0426 Divina Canary GoldC0444 Divina Sunflower FieldsC0462 Divina Yellow GoldC0526 Divina Apricot Sherbet
C0536 Divina TangerineC0542 Divina OrangeC0552 Divina Santa FeC0562 Divina Pumpkin Orange
C0584 Divina Brick ClayC0623 Divina Tomato RougeC0626 Divina Pink BerryC0636 Divina Very Berry
C0652 Divina BoysenberryC0662 Divina Plum BerryC0666 Divina Purple FunC0671 Divina Deep Magenta
C0676 Divina Lavender SkyC0684 Divina Almost RoyalC0686 Divina Very RoyalC0691 Divina Feeling Grey
C0692 Divina PurpleC0696 Divina VioletC0712 Divina Blue SkyC0742 Divina Deep Sky
C0756 Divina LapisC0782 Divina Purple VelvetC0791 Divina Blue VelvetC0793 Divina Basque
C0826 Divina CeruleanC0836 Divina Powder BlueC0846 Divina Pistachio FernC0856 Divina Green Tea
C0876 Divina Eden ForestC0886 Divina Jade ForestC0893 Divina Teal VelvetC0922 Divina Kelly
C0936 Divina AvocadoC0944 Divina Smoky TaupeC0956 Divina PickleC0966 Divina Fern
C0984 Divina CarobCuz02 Blazer AstonCuz08 Blazer NapierCuz09 Blazer Oxford
Cuz12 Blazer WinchesterCuz13 Blazer WellingtonCuz18 Blazer OrielCuz1E Blazer Surrey
Cuz1F Blazer UlsterCuz1J Blazer AberlourCuz1K Blazer CamphillCuz1L Blazer Newport
Cuz1M Blazer GlasgowCuz1N Blazer CardifCuz1P Blazer HullCuz1R Blazer Plymouth
Cuz1T Blazer SheffieldCuz1V Blazer ManchesterCuz1W Blazer NewcastleCuz1Y Blazer Edinburgh
Cuz21 Blazer MagdaleneCuz26 Blazer KnightsbridgeCuz28 Blazer SilverdaleCuz2Q Blazer Dartmouth
Cuz2R Blazer StanfordCuz2S Blazer BarnardCuz2T Blazer HolyokeCuz2U Blazer Vassar
Cuz2W Blazer EynesburyCuz2X Blazer PenolaCuz2Y Blazer TindaleCuz2Z Blazer Woodcroft
Cuz30 Blazer SilcoatesCuz31 Blazer TrevelyanCuz35 Blazer BromsgroveCuz39 Blazer Goldsmith
Cuz3A Blazer MontcrestCuz3B Blazer AberlayCuz3C Blazer MarymountCuz3D Blazer Barlborough
Cuz3E Blazer ScottsdaleCuz47 Blazer FairfieldCuz53 Blazer BryanstonCuz58 Blazer Danhurst
Cuz62 Blazer GlenalmondCuz63 Blazer HandcrossCuz67 Blazer KingsmeadCuz82 Blazer Wesley
Cuz86 Blazer St AndrewsCuz90 Blazer Edge Hill