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My Hive is a flexible workstation available in two different models: A spacious, rectangular workstation, and also a hexagon-shaped workstation.

Category: 12 50 00 | absorbers | interior dividers...

MasterFormat: Acoustic Treatment | Acoustic Insulation | Portable Partitions, Screens, and Panels...

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My Hive

My Hive is a flexible workstation available in two different models: A spacious, rectangular workstation, and also a hexagon-shaped workstation. The key features of this product create a minimal and elegant expression: First, instead of legs, My Hive integrates the table-top into the sound absorbent screens. Second, the mechanism for adjusting height is hidden behind zippers. Third, there is a smart case under the table used to store the cables.


Poul Christiansen




Rapidly Renewable Content, Recycled Content


100% Mineral Wool


100% Pine


100% Anodized Aluminum

NRC Rating



My Hive 120°- 79.1"(w) x 53.1"(h) x 31.6"(d) - My Hive 90°- 63.3"(w) x 53.1"(h) x 31.8"(d)

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Additional Information

- The sofa on My Hive is comprised of a pine wood frame with the seat in polyurethane foam.
- Explore both forms and the variety of combinations to create dynamic and surface-efficient configurations.
- In addition to a workstation, My Hive's partitioned cell can also be appointed with an integrated couch for breaks and informal meetings.
- My Hive is available in several coverings, contents detailed below
- Blazer fabric 100% Wool
- Event fabric 100% Polyester
- Salsa fabric 100% Polyester
- Dox fabric 100% Polyester

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/30 Salsa Light-Grey/31 Salsa Blue/32 Salsa Dark-Middle Grey/33 Salsa Yellow
/34 Salsa Dark-Yellow/35 Salsa Green/36 Salsa Middle-Grey/39 Salsa Pink
/40 Salsa Dark-Blue/50 Dox Black/51 Dox Dark Grey/52 Dox Middle Grey
/53 Dox Light Grey/54 Salsa Light-Pink/55 Salsa Green/56 Salsa Brown
/57 Salsa Beige/60000 Event Crisp White/60002 Event Steel/60004 Event Gravel
/60021 Event Anchor/60999 Event Onyx/61008 Event Flax/61011 Event Saddle Brown
/62048 Event Light Olive/62093 Event Pebble Sand/62095 Event Honey Dijon/62096 Event Sunflower
/63013 Event Rust/64029 Event Rhubarb Red/64119 Event Persian Red/64146 Event Pink Berry
/64183 Event Rose Crepe/65112 Event Lavender Dream/66006 Event Feeling Royal/66030 Event Blue Pansy
/66031 Event Powder Blue/66188 Event Deep Lavender/67015 Event Pale Turquoise/67017 Event Soft Azure
/67042 Event Teal Ocean/67070 Event Carolina/68145 Event Pear/68146 Event Jade
/CUZ02 Blazer Aston/CUZ08 Blazer Napier/CUZ09 Blazer Oxford/CUZ12 Blazer Winchester
/CUZ13 Blazer Wellington/CUZ18 Blazer Oriel/CUZ1E Blazer Surrey/CUZ1F Blazer Ulster
/CUZ1J Blazer Aberlour/CUZ1K Blazer Camphill/CUZ1L Blazer Newport/CUZ1M Blazer Glasgow
/CUZ1N Blazer Cardif/CUZ1P Blazer Hull/CUZ1R Blazer Plymouth/CUZ1T Blazer Sheffield
/CUZ1V Blazer Manchester/CUZ1W Blazer Newcastle/CUZ1Y Blazer Edinburgh/CUZ21 Blazer Magdalene
/CUZ26 Blazer Knightsbridge/CUZ28 Blazer Silverdale/CUZ2Q Blazer Dartmouth/CUZ2R Blazer Stanford
/CUZ2S Blazer Barnard/CUZ2T Blazer Holyoke/CUZ2U Blazer Vassar/CUZ2W Blazer Eynesbury
/CUZ2X Blazer Penola/CUZ2Y Blazer Tindale/CUZ2Z Blazer Woodcroft/CUZ30 Blazer Silcoates
/CUZ31 Blazer Trevelyan/CUZ33 Blazer Laytmer/CUZ35 Blazer Bromsgrove/CUZ39 Blazer Goldsmith
/CUZ3A Blazer Montcrest/CUZ3B Blazer Abertay/CUZ3C Blazer Marymount/CUZ3D Blazer Barlborough
/CUZ3E Blazer Scottsdale/CUZ47 Blazer Fairfield/CUZ53 Blazer Bryanston/CUZ58 Blazer Dunhurst
/CUZ62 Blazer Glenalmond/CUZ63 Blazer Handcross/CUZ67 Blazer Kingsmead/CUZ82 Blazer Wesley
/CUZ86 Blazer St Andrews/CUZ90 Blazer Edge Hill