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The Madera Plank Collection elevates the use of digitally printed product to mirror that of a traditional tongue and groove panel product, in 100% sound-absorbing PET.

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Madera Plank Tile

The Madera Plank Collection elevates the use of digitally printed product to mirror that of a traditional tongue and groove panel product, in 100% sound-absorbing PET. Madera is available in a wide range of curated patterns including those from the curated Wilsonart® laminate collection. Madera Plank can be easily installed for most any type of application.

Additional Features


Unika Vaev Design Studio


100% PET


Declare Compliant, HPD, Low VOC, Prop 65 Compliant, Published with mindful MATERIALS, Rapidly Renewable Content

Additional Information

  • All Madera planks have a wood grain print face finish with a 3/16″ beveled edge on each of the four sides.
  • Madera’s dimensions nominally correspond to typical lumber sizes, a detailed dimensional breakdown can be found in the specification pages.
  • Eight standard wood grain print finishes with custom finish colors available.
  • Madera planks adhere to most interior surfaces with construction adhesive and may be easily trimmed in the field.
  • Madera Plank widths are nominal to typical lumber sizes, detailed below;
    10″ Planks are 9.5″ actual
    8″ Planks are 7.5″ actual
    6″ Planks are 5.5″ actual
  • Please note: Custom printing of close color match to non-coated Pantone colors is available as a custom option.

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Common nominal lumber widths - see specifications for complete details

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Kit format


ASTM E84 Class A, CAN ULC S102

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Available Colors
/Y0376 Optical Solids - Pale Brass/Y0831 Optical Solids - Let it Rain/Y0832 Optical Solids - Sea Wall/Y0833 Optical Solids - Sea Side
/Y0834 Optical Solids - Savina/Y0835 Optical Solids - Rendezvous/Y0836 Optical Solids - Tomatillo/Y0837 Optical Solids - Razzle
/Y0838 Optical Solids - Palace/Y0839 Optical Solids - Admiral/Y0841 Optical Solids - Mistletoe/Y0842 Optical Solids - Aegean Sea
/Y0843 Optical Solids - Cricket/Y0844 Optical Solids - Rose Dust/Y0845 Optical Solids - Spritz/Y0846 Optical Solids - Southern Cross
/Y0847 Optical Solids - Tewkesbury/Y0848 Optical Solids - Rugby/Y0849 Optical Solids - Jean/Y0851 Optical Solids - Rosemary
/Y0852 Optical Solids - Chutney/Y0853 Optical Solids - Persimmon/Y0854 Optical Solids - Bakelite Gold/Y0855 Optical Solids - Silvan
/Y0856 Optical Solids - Evergreen/Y0857 Optical Solids - Santiam/Y0858 Optical Solids - Carnival/Y0859 Optical Solids - Prickly Pear
/Y0333 Textures - Guava/Y0334 Textures - Hibiscus Tea/Y0335 Textures - Peach Sorbet/Y0336 Textures - Papaya
/Y0337 Textures - Chili Powder /Y0338 Textures - Marmalade /Y0339 Textures - Salmon /Y0341 Textures - Aged Port
/Y0342 Textures - Sugar Cookie /Y0343 Textures - Coffee Ice /Y0344 Textures - Buttercream /Y0345 Textures - Wheat Berry
/Y0346 Textures - Quince /Y0347 Textures - Buttered Squash /Y0348 Textures - Dried Sage /Y0349 Textures - Cucumber Juice
/Y0351 Textures - Kale Leaf /Y0352 Textures - Bellini Blue /Y0353 Textures - Blue Curacaco /Y0354 Textures - Blueberry Tart
/Y0355 Textures - Blueberry Taffy /Y0356 Textures - Sea Berry /Y0357 Textures - Ink Soup /Y0358 Textures - Raspberry Cream
/Y0359 Textures - Lemon Lime /Y0377 Textures - Radiant Brass /Y0379 Textures - Antique Brass /Y0381 Textures - Light Oil Bronze
/Y0382 Textures - Faded Bronze /Y0383 Textures - Burnished Bronze /Y0384 Textures - Weathered Bronze /Y0385 Textures - Aged Bronze
/Y0386 Textures - Fountain Penny /Y0387 Textures - Copper Alloy /Y0388 Textures - New Penny /Y0389 Textures - Burnished Copper
/Y0391 Textures - Polished Silver /Y0392 Textures - Heirloom Silver /Y0393 Textures - Oxidized Silver /Y0475 Textures - Fruit Punch
/Y0476 Textures - Waterspout /Y0644 Textures - Dublin Crossweave /Y0667 Textures - Berry /Y0686 Textures - Iced Mint
/Y0698 Textures - Bonaire /Y0723-60 Textures - Hot Sun /Y0731 Textures - Majesty /Y0732 Textures - Blue Yonder
/Y0733 Textures - Orange Crush /Y0734 Textures - Grape Jelly /Y0735 Textures - Granny Smith /Y0736 Textures - Green Tourmaline
/Y0737 Textures - Iolite /Y0371 Stone & Steel - Arden Park Carrera /Y0372 Stone & Steel - Arden Park Marble /Y0374 Stone & Steel - Mack Ave Concrete
/Y0394 Stone & Steel - Milwaukee Junction Steel /Y0395 Stone & Steel - Milwaukee Junction Copper /Y0396 Stone & Steel - Milwaukee Junction Zinc /Y0397 Stone & Steel - Milwaukee Junction Rust
/Y0398 Stone & Steel - Milwaukee Junction Oxide /Y0719 Stone & Steel - Aged Wall /Y0053K Studio Patterns - Jadite Milk Paint /Y0054 Studio Patterns - Milk Paint
/Y0055K Studio Patterns - Mason Milk Paint /Y0254K Studio Patterns - Spanish Milk Paint /Y0255K Studio Patterns - Chestnut Milk Paint /Y0256K Studio Patterns - Custard Milk Paint
/Y0274K Studio Patterns - Cornflower Milk Paint /Y0295K Studio Patterns - Lace Gesso Wood /Y0296 Studio Patterns - Silver Gesso Wood /Y0297K Studio Patterns - Blonde Gesso Wood
/Y0692 Studio Patterns - Textured Papyrus /Y0488 Abstracts - Ash Arabesque /Y0492 Abstracts - Sun Bleach Arabesque /Y0493 Abstracts - Olive Arabesque
/Y0494 Abstracts - Sky Arabesque /Y0673 Abstracts - Classic Marbleized /Y0678 Abstracts - Big Plaid /Y0685 Abstracts - Basil Honeycomb
/Y0687 Abstracts - Raspberry Parfait Honeycomb /Y0724-60 Abstracts - Dusty Mauve Honeycomb /Y0746 Abstracts - Artisan Find /Y0749 Abstracts - Grateful Dyed
/Y0767 Abstracts - Green Sew and Sew /Y0768 Abstracts - Blue Sew and Sew /Y0794 Abstracts - Artisan Vessel /Y0056K Wood Grains - Antique Wood
/Y0257K Wood Grains - Factory Antique Wood /Y0258K Wood Grains - Mill Antique Wood /Y0268 Wood Grains - Chesapeake Antique Wood /Y0269 Wood Grains - Beach Antique Wood
/Y0271 Wood Grains - Pickled Antique Wood/Y0279 Wood Grains - Verdigris Crown/Y0281 Wood Grains - Hemlock Crown/Y0282 Wood Grains - Gunmetal Crown
/Y0283 Wood Grains - Terra Cotta Crown/Y0284 Wood Grains - Sienna Crown/Y0285 Wood Grains - Natural Crown/Y0286 Wood Grains - Anasazi Crown
/Y0287K Wood Grains - Pepper Alona/Y0288K Wood Grains - Timberwolf Alona/Y0289 Wood Grains - Amber Alona/Y0291K Wood Grains - Russet Alona
/Y0292K Wood Grains - Monarch Alona/Y0293K Wood Grains - Apricot Alona/Y0294K Wood Grains - Flax Alona/Y0298 Wood Grains - Reclaimed Oak
/Y0299K Wood Grains - Rediscovered Oak/Y0301K Wood Grains - Revived Oak/Y0305K Wood Grains - Antique Tobacco Pine/Y0306K Wood Grains - Antique Cognac Pine
/Y0332 Wood Grains - Restored Oak/Y0363 Wood Grains - Remade Oak/Y0365 Wood Grains - Repurposed Oak/Y0472 Wood Grains - Salem Chestnut
/Y0484 Wood Grains - Rancho Red Pine/Y0485 Wood Grains - Border Blue Pine/Y0487 Wood Grains - Scorched Chestnut/Y0489 Wood Grains - Stone Alona
/Y0546 Wood Grains - Misty Crown/Y0632 Wood Grains - Barn Door/Y0653 Wood Grains - Brown Tulipwood/Y0654 Wood Grains - Natural Tulipwood
/Y0699 Wood Grains - Fumed Maple/Y0706 Wood Grains - Grey Plywood/Y0707 Wood Grains - Natural Plywood/Y0728 Wood Grains - Island Oak
/Y0742 Wood Grains - Washington Slab/Y0756 Wood Grains - Texas Mesquite/Y0758 Wood Grains - Flagstaff Lodge/Y0765 Wood Grains - Raw Maple
/Y0805 Wood Grains - Washed Crown/Y0806 Wood Grains - Bleached Crown/Y0817 Wood Grains - Planked Louisiana Pecan/Y0818 Wood Grains - Louisiana Pecan
/Y0819 Wood Grains - Weathered Pecan/YS001 Wood Grains - Oak Wash/YS002 Wood Grains - Oak Char/YS003 Wood Grains - Oak Raw
/YS004 Wood Grains - Oak Navy/YS005 Wood Grains - Oak Grey/YS006 Wood Grains - Oak Jacobean/YS007 Wood Grains - Oak Early American
/YS008 Wood Grains - Straight Cut Oak Wash/YS009 Wood Grains - Straight Cut Oak Char/YS011 Wood Grains - Straight Cut Oak Raw/YS012 Wood Grains - Straight Cut Oak Navy
/YS013 Wood Grains - Straight Cut Oak Grey/YS014 Wood Grains - Straight Cut Oak Jacobean/YS015 Wood Grains - Straight Cut Oak Early American/YS016 Wood Grains - Walnut Wash
/YS017 Wood Grains - Walnut Char/YS018 Wood Grains - Walnut Raw/YS019 Wood Grains - Walnut Navy/YS021 Wood Grains - Walnut Grey
/YS022 Wood Grains - Walnut Jacobean/YS023 Wood Grains - Walnut Early Amerian