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ecoustic® Veneer by Unika Vaev is designed for intelligent interiors.

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Ecoustic® Veneer

ecoustic® Veneer by Unika Vaev is designed for intelligent interiors. Building upon the success of its ecoustic® panel collection, this new veneer faced product embraces the need for acoustic solutions, while providing a beautiful wood faced panel that is easy to clean and provides superior sound absorption results. This product has been engineered to reduce installation time and may be installed on almost any type of substrate with Unika Vaev’s proprietary mounting system. The veneer pieces may be specified in either perforated or Non-Perforated finish.

Custom anodized aluminum and custom veneer finishes are available. Please inquire for pricing and lead times.


Ceiling, Vertical Surfaces


Environmental Product, Low VOC

NRC Rating



11.34" x 8' 10" Thickness- 0.98"

Sold In

4 per box


AS/ISO 9705 group 3
ASTM E84 Class B

Additional Information

Cleaning and maintenance instructions
- Clean ecoustic® Veneer panels with a damp cloth using mild soap or nonabrasive wood cleaning products.
- Spills should immediately be removed using the aforementioned method.
- Do NOT use abrasive cleaners or pads.
- Do NOT allow any solvents to contact the surface of ecoustic® Veneer.
- As a natural wood product, color variation from batch to batch may occur.
- Components: A box of ecoustic® Veneer includes 4 panels in a single finish, 8 expressed joints (natural or black anodized), 24 mounting clips, 16 screws for expressed joints.
- Frame (natural or black anodized): A frame base and capping is essential for ecoustic® Veneer and sold separately.
- An external corner trim is available separately.
- Additional expressed joints and screws are available.


- Improved sound absorption: ecoustic® Veneer can absorb 80% of sound when the panel is directly fixed to a wall. ecoustic® Veneer is available with a micro-perforated pattern designed to enhance acoustic performance as a porous absorber, which causes multiple sound reflections via a network of interlocking pores. The small size of the pores enable a more efficient absorption at high frequencies. The Non-Perforated finish is beneficial as it has excellent absorbency in the low-frequency voice range of the sound spectrum. The certified sound absorption tests indicate that the combination of both perforated and Non-Perforated finish types can help to balance absorption and deflection of sound as well as allowing the acoustic performance to be tailored to the demands of any given interior space.

- Versatile and easy to install.

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