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Swedish designer Thomas Bernstrand explores the potential of an essential element of architecture to add new value and function to a space: the pillar.
Since antiquity, the pillar has been used as support for buildings but also as ornament and monument.

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DB Pillar

Swedish designer Thomas Bernstrand explores the potential of an essential element of architecture to add new value and function to a space: the pillar.
Since antiquity, the pillar has been used as support for buildings but also as ornament and monument. Thomas Bernstrand’s version of the pillar makes a playful reference to the latter use: It is possible to put a plant on top of it. But in all other respects, his pillar is different from the pillars and columns we are used to. dB Pillar is filled with textile waste making it a great sound absorber while contributing to a green environment. dB Pillar includes tables, stools, and pillars in various heights. Several pillars with different additional features are available: pillars with whiteboard, with support for climbing plants, with magazine holders, with flower pots, and with coat hangers. dB Pillar works wonders for the soundscape. In combination with the material, the design of the product gives it unique acoustic features. It radically reduces the levels of low frequency noise, that most products fail to deal with.


Thomas Bernstrand




Recycled Content

NRC Rating

0.75 - 0.90 depending on model


Assorted dimensions please refer to specification page for complete breakdown

Sold In


Additional Information

Fabric coverings for dB Pillar with their respective content makeups:
- Salsa: 100% Polyester
- Dox: 100% Polyester
- Blazer: 100% Wool
- Divina: 100% New Wool
- Xtreme CS: 100% Trevira CS


dB Pillar 76" - NRC .85
dB Pillar 28" - NRC .90
dB Pillar 28" corner - NRC .75
dB Pillar Bin - NRC .85
dB Pillar Stool - NRC .85

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/30 Salsa Light-Grey/31 Salsa Blue/32 Salsa Dark-Middle Grey/33 Salsa Yellow
/34 Salsa Dark-Yellow/35 Salsa Green/36 Salsa Middle-Grey/39 Salsa Pink
/40 Salsa Dark-Blue/50 Dox Black/51 Dox Dark Grey/52 Dox Middle Grey
/53 Dox Light Grey/54 Salsa Light-Pink/55 Salsa Green/56 Salsa Brown
/57 Salsa Beige/XR009 Xtreme CS Havana/XR026 Xtreme CS Costa/XR046 Xtreme CS Sombrero
/XR050 Xtreme CS White/XR079 Xtreme CS Panama/XR081 Xtreme CS Blizzard/XR084 Xtreme CS Taro
/XR090 Xtreme CS Snow White/XR094 Extreme CS Slip/XR100 Xtreme CS Ocean/XR106 Xtreme CS Calypso
/XR108 Xtreme CS Aruba/XR160 Xtreme CS Tonga/XR414 Xtreme CS Palu/XR415 Xtreme CS Kota
/XR416 Xtreme CS Malang/XR417 Xtreme CS Tenete/XR418 Xtreme CS Timor/XR419 Xtreme CS Tenom
/XR420 Xtreme CS Jambi/XR421 Xtreme CS Depok/XR422 Xtreme CS Medan/XR423 Xtreme CS laga
/XR424 Xtreme CS Makili/XR425 Xtreme CS Bima/XR426 Xtreme CS Ruteng/XR427 Xtreme CS Kendari
/XR428 Xtreme CS Lambata/XR429 Xtreme CS Bitung/XR430 Xtreme CS Tegal/XR431 Xtreme CS Blora
/XR432 Xtreme CS Kora/XR433 Xtreme CS Roques/XR434 Xtreme CS Varadero/C0106 Divina Steel Water
/C0154 Divina Blue Steel/C0171 Divina Grey Cloud/C0173 Divina Steel/C0181 Divina Anchor
/C0191 Divina Charcoal/C0224 Divina Thunder/C0236 Divina Desert Gold/C0246 Divina Harvest Gold
/C0334 Divina Fawn/C0346 Divina Deep Golden/C0356 Divina Artichoke/C0376 Divina Dusty Violet
/C0384 Divina Sage Pine/C0393 Divina Mocha/C0426 Divina Canary Gold/C0444 Divina Sunflower Fields
/C0462 Divina Yellow Gold/C0526 Divina Apricot Sherbet/C0536 Divina Tangerine/C0542 Divina Orange
/C0552 Divina Santa Fe/C0562 Divina Pumpkin Orange/C0584 Divina Brick Clay/C0623 Divina Tomato Rouge
/C0626 Divina Pink Berry/C0636 Divina Very Berry/C0652 Divina Boysenberry/C0662 Divina Plum Berry
/C0666 Divina Purple Fun/C0671 Divina Deep Magenta/C0676 Divina Lavender Sky/C0684 Divina Almost Royal
/C0686 Divina Very Royal/C0691 Divina Feeling Grey/C0692 Divina Purple/C0696 Divina Violet
/C0712 Divina Blue Sky/C0742 Divina Deep Sky/C0756 Divina Lapis/C0782 Divina Purple Velvet
/C0791 Divina Blue Velvet/C0793 Divina Basque/C0826 Divina Cerulean/C0836 Divina Powder Blue
/C0846 Divina Pistachio Fern/C0856 Divina Green Tea/C0876 Divina Eden Forest/C0886 Divina Jade Forest
/C0893 Divina Teal Velvet/C0922 Divina Kelly/C0936 Divina Avocado/C0944 Divina Smoky Taupe
/C0956 Divina Pickle/C0966 Divina Fern/C0984 Divina Carob/CUZ02 Blazer Aston
/CUZ08 Blazer Napier/CUZ09 Blazer Oxford/CUZ12 Blazer Winchester/CUZ13 Blazer Wellington
/CUZ18 Blazer Oriel/CUZ1E Blazer Surrey/CUZ1F Blazer Ulster/CUZ1J Blazer Aberlour
/CUZ1K Blazer Camphill/CUZ1L Blazer Newport/CUZ1M Blazer Glasgow/CUZ1N Blazer Cardif
/CUZ1P Blazer Hull/CUZ1R Blazer Plymouth/CUZ1T Blazer Sheffield/CUZ1V Blazer Manchester
/CUZ1W Blazer Newcastle/CUZ1Y Blazer Edinburgh/CUZ21 Blazer Magdalene/CUZ26 Blazer Knightsbridge
/CUZ28 Blazer Silverdale/CUZ2Q Blazer Dartmouth/CUZ2R Blazer Stanford/CUZ2S Blazer Barnard
/CUZ2T Blazer Holyoke/CUZ2U Blazer Vassar/CUZ2W Blazer Eynesbury/CUZ2X Blazer Penola
/CUZ2Y Blazer Tindale/CUZ2Z Blazer Woodcroft/CUZ30 Blazer Silcoates/CUZ31 Blazer Trevelyan
/CUZ33 Blazer Laytmer/CUZ35 Blazer Bromsgrove/CUZ39 Blazer Goldsmith/CUZ3A Blazer Montcrest
/CUZ3B Blazer Abertay/CUZ3C Blazer Marymount/CUZ3D Blazer Barlborough/CUZ3E Blazer Scottsdale
/CUZ47 Blazer Fairfield/CUZ53 Blazer Bryanston/CUZ58 Blazer Dunhurst/CUZ62 Blazer Glenalmond
/CUZ63 Blazer Handcross/CUZ67 Blazer Kingsmead/CUZ82 Blazer Wesley/CUZ86 Blazer St Andrews
/CUZ90 Blazer Edge Hill