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Anya Sebton’s award-winning wall tile, Bits Wall, is based on the triangle - a geometric shape rich in symbolism.

Category: absorbers | diffusers | stretched fabric panels...

MasterFormat: Stretched-Fabric Wall Systems | Acoustic Treatment | Acoustic Board Insulation...

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Bits Wall Tile


Anya Sebton’s award-winning wall tile, Bits Wall, is based on the triangle - a geometric shape rich in symbolism. The triangular form provides visual energy while contributing to a better soundscape by diffusing sound waves and preventing unwanted echoes. The use of a triangular shape not only produces an aesthetically attractive look, but also diffuses sound, which produces a richer acoustic room environment. Bits Wall can be combined to create different pattern formations.


Anya Sebton


Horizontal, Vertical Surfaces, Wall


Rapidly Renewable Content, Recycled Content, EPD, HPD, Declare CDPH Emissions Compliant


100% Polyester


100% New Zealand wool


<p>100% Steel triangle</p>

NRC Rating



Bits Wall: 20.1" (h) x 22.6" (w) x 3.9" (d) - Bits Wall XL: 25.6" (h) x 29.4" (w) x 3.9" (d)

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Additional Information

- Bits Wall is available in 2 sizes, standard and XL.
- Bits, which has a metal frame, is mounted on a wall by using hidden hanging rails and a cleat.
- Panels can be hung either horizontally or vertically thereby offering the flexibility to create both symmetrical and asymmetrical patterns.

Care: To preserve the fabric color and appearance, Bits Wall and Bits Wall XL should be vacuumed regularly with a soft brush nozzle. For Wool stains please dab or gently wipe with a damp, clean cloth.

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Available Colors
/60008 Focus/60200 Focus/60209 Focus/60210 Focus
/60211 Focus/60212 Focus/60999 Focus/61035 Focus
/61036 Focus/61037 Focus/61039 Focus/61040 Focus
/61042 Focus/61043 Focus/61244 Focus/61248 Focus
/62018 Focus/63133 Focus/64041 Focus/64043 Focus
/64044 Focus/64045 Focus/65032 Focus/65033 Focus
/66010 Focus/66011 Focus/66020 Focus/66021 Focus
/66022 Focus/66023 Focus/68047 Focus/68048 Focus
/68049 Focus/68250 Focus/*60309 Focus Mélange - Standard/*60311 Focus Mélange - Standard
/*60312 Focus Mélange - Standard/*61240 Focus Mélange - Standard/*66209 Focus Mélange - Standard/*68249 Focus Mélange - Standard
/60099 Focus Mélange/60308 Focus Mélange/60310 Focus Mélange/60900 Focus Mélange
/61235 Focus Mélange/61236 Focus Mélange/61237 Focus Mélange/61238 Focus Mélange
/61239 Focus Mélange/61241 Focus Mélange/61242 Focus Mélange/61243 Focus Mélange
/62117 Focus Mélange/62118 Focus Mélange/63112 Focus Mélange/64241 Focus Mélange
/64242 Focus Mélange/64243 Focus Mélange/64244 Focus Mélange/64245 Focus Mélange
/65132 Focus Mélange/65133 Focus Mélange/66210 Focus Mélange/66211 Focus Mélange
/66219 Focus Mélange/66220 Focus Mélange/66221 Focus Mélange/66222 Focus Mélange
/66223 Focus Mélange/66224 Focus Mélange/68234 Focus Mélange/68235 Focus Mélange
/68244 Focus Mélange/68245 Focus Mélange/68246 Focus Mélange/68247 Focus Mélange
/68248 Focus Mélange