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Fine-textured panels with exeptional noise reduction for open-plan offices. For use with Logix™ Integrated Ceiling Systems.

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Halcyon™ Logix™ Acoustical Panels

Fine-textured panels with exeptional noise reduction for open-plan offices. For use with Logix™ Integrated Ceiling Systems.

With ClimaPlus™ Performance With Halcyon™ Logix™ Acoustical Panels you can turn your ceiling's lighting and utilities into stunning design elements by integrating them into your ceiling plan with this system. Halcyon™ Logix™ Acoustical Panels are lightweight fiberglass panels that promise a lifetime of exceptional noise reduction and excellent light reflection. Fine-textured, mold resistant with superior sag resistance, these panels allow you to meet building requirements while transforming your ceiling with a sleek modern finish that is ideal for virtually any commercial interior.

Main Features

Halcyon™ Logix Acoustical Panels are durable, long-lasting panels manufactured using a unique process that maximizes sound and anti-sag performance, producing high (up to 0.90) noise reduction coefficients (NRC) and solid ceiling attenuation class (CAC) performance. The non-directional pattern ensures consistent appearance.

  • Compatible with Logix™ Integrated System.

  • Monolithic, structured ceiling visual using standard components.

  • High light-reflective finish (LR-0.90) reduces light fixtures and energy use.

  • Washable and scrubbable finish - impact and scratch resistant.

  • Coordinates visually with Mars™ Logix™ Acoustical Panels for open/closed-plan applications.

  • ClimaPlus™ 30-year limited system warranty against visible sag, mold and mildew.

  • High sound absorption with an NRC of up to 0.95 and an AC of up to 200.

  • High postconsumer recycled content.


  • Administrative Offices

  • Classrooms

  • Convention and Meeting Rooms

  • Department Stores and Boutiques

  • Executive Areas, Conference Areas and Board Rooms

  • Galleries and Exhibit Spaces

  • Guest Rooms and Suites

  • Lobbies and Reception Areas

  • Mall Interior Spaces

  • Media Centers, Music Rooms and Libraries

  • Nurseries and Birthing Rooms

  • Patient Rooms

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Sound Absorption (NRC)0.95
Sound Attenuation (CAC)20
Light Reflectance0.90
Mold & Mildew ResistanceYes
Fire Resistance
Fire RatingClass A
ASTM E1264
astm-e1264-classXII: Glass fiber base with membrane-faced overlay, E: Lightly textured; G: Smooth, Form 2: Water-Felted
Flame Spread25 or less
Smoke Developed50 or less
Fire RatingClass A
Recycled Content40%
Physical Data
Thickness (in.)1
Panel Size12 in. x 96 in.