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The new design for both the TSB-CAR and TSB-TRUCK removable or fixed bollard system is the most economical on the market, and is very aesthetically pleasing. Both small and easy to install, the shallow foundation reduces the need to divert utilities. Once fitted and covered with the stainless steel shroud, there is virtually no maintenance. Additionally, if access is needed the removable bollard can be removed in minutes.

TSB-Truck K4 & K12 Bollards

TSB-Truck bollards are certified to the ASTM equivalent of US DOS K4 (or K12) standards, meaning they are crash-rated to withstand impacts at speeds up to 30 mph (K12 is 50 mph). Removable bollard posts or covers can be easily replaced once damaged, thanks to a slipper box system. Not only is it convenient, it also provides added protection for the unit’s foundation.

Fixed or Removable Bollards

The flexible design of TSB-CAR and TSB-Truck steel bollards allows them to be mounted in either permanent or removable installations. Contact Tymetal for details related to differences in mounting depth or final bollard height depending on surface treatments and final grading requirements.

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