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TSB-CAR and TSB-TRUCK are shallow mount single removable or permanent bollards. TSB-CAR is designed to stop a 3,000 lb. car travelling at 30 mph, TSB-TRUCK exceeds the requirements for ASTM F2656-07 M30 (equivalent to U.S. DOS K4). The new patent pending design is a technology breakthrough, and can be used either singly or in long runs. They are the ideal solution to protect retail shops, banks, sports stadiums, outdoor restaurant seating or almost any other vulnerable area from accidental impacts. They will also protect convenience stores from both accidental vehicle storefront impacts (approximately 50 per day occur in the US) or intentional smash and grab robberies.

TSB-CAR Removable or Fixed Bollards

TSB-CAR bollards have been designed to stop a 3,000 lb. car travelling 30 mph. Available in a variety of stainless steel shroud finishes, TSB-CAR bollards require a footing depth of only eight inches and, when installed, rest approximately 37” above the ground. One of the main advantages of our products is that on low impacts both permanent and replaceable bollards return to their original position, eliminating the need for costly replacements following a minor incident.

Fixed vs. Removable Bollards

The flexible design of TSB-CAR and TSB-TRUCK steel bollards allows them to be mounted in either permanent or removable installations. Contact Tymetal for details related to differences in mounting depth or final bollard height depending on surface treatments and final grading requirements.

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