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Roofcars - Overview

TRACTEL® Swingstage® Roofcars provide a complete automated system to access exterior building facades.

Access to the platform is at the roof level and does not require the operator to assemble or dismantle or manually move equipment.

Engineered safety devices control and monitor all machine functions to ensure complete operator safety and protection of all building surfaces.

Advantages of a Roof Car
  • Optimum solution for buildings of any height.
  • Designed to work with complicated architectural features.
  • Dual controls operate from the carriage or the TRACMOD® Platform.
  • Allows horizontal movements without leaving the TRACMOD® Platform.
  • Can be designed to store out of sight when in the parked position.
  • TRACMOD® Platform comes in modular and telescopic sections that conform to changing façades.

A track mounted to the roof is required for positioning the Roofcar to access the façade. Structural impact and track layout requires early integration with the architectural and structural designers.

In North America most Roofcars primarily run on a anchored rail track located in areas that clear roof top mechanical equipment and elevator shafts. Other options such as freely laid track or concrete runways may be considered depending on the application.

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