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Additional Accessories

Arc Guard Welding Kit

The Arc guard kit is required by OSHA when welding on a platform (standard 1926.451 (f) (17) (IV)). The Arc Guard components are durable and easy to install. In case the wire rope is burned underneath the stage, the bottom hose is clear to see wire rope entering tirak while descending.

Hoist Cover

Protects Tirak® from welding debris and splatter. This item is available for Electric or Pneumatic powered hoists.

Ground Assembly

6 ft. - 2/0 wire, 500A Welding Clamp, 800A Magnetic Welding Clamp & Kellums Grip.

Top Assembly

ID insulated tubing to protect wire rope located above the hoist.

Bottom Assembly

Split Tube with Velcro wraps and suspension u-bolt to protect wire rope located below the hoist.

Insulated Wire Rope Thimble

Insulates wire rope from rigging point.

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