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Utilizing the TUFF-POXY SYSTEM "S" Technology

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Resinous Seamless Flooring, Seeded - Polymer Flooring Solutions

TUFF-POXY SYSTEM “S” is a chemical resistant epoxy topping which consists of a 100% solids epoxy resin combined with a cycloaliphatic amine hardener and properly sized quartz aggregate to form an approximate 1/16 inch thick self-leveling “seeded” flooring system. TUFF-POXY SYSTEM “S” cures completely at ambient temperature to form a light to medium textured abrasion and chemical resistant topping which is intended for use in institutional, industrial and commercial facilities.

TUFFLEX POLYMERS' seamless epoxy flooring systems are fluid applied, attractive and skid resistant. They provide durable protective coatings to extend the life and ease the maintenance of concrete surfaces. These systems are engineered to have extreme wear resistant capabilities which makes them popular choices for commercial decorative flooring.

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System Summary
LayersTUFFLEX ProductMixed Amt./Sq.ft.
Concrete Substrate
PrimerTuff-Poxy 1071 gal. / 250-350 sq.ft.
Epoxy Binder CoatTuff-Poxy 1071 gal. / 60-100 sq.ft.
AggregateAluminum Oxide, Quartz Granules or Flint Shot Silica40-50 lbs. / 100 sq.ft.
SealerTuff-Poxy 1281 gal. / 80-125 sq.ft.