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Utilizing the UREA-TUFF 6500-VT Technology

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Rapid Curing Vehicular Solution - Vehicular Coating Solutions

Uradek 6500-VT is a specialized polyurea vehicular deck coating used in applications that require rapid curing to minimize disruption to operations. This low-odor, 100% solids, flexible system will cure in 2 - 4 hours at 77°F (25°C), offering applicators a distinct advantage for time sensitive projects. This two-component, solvent-free system can be installed on interior or exterior concrete, plywood, and metal surfaces subject to vehicular traffic.

TUFFLEX POLYMERS' vehicular traffic bearing coating systems are uniquely formulated to withstand the impact of constant vehicular traffic as well as protecting the concrete deck against moisture penetration.

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System Summary
LayersTUFFLEX ProductAmt./Sq.ft.
Primer/SealerTUFF-POXY Primer #2 or
TUFF-POXY Primer #3
1 gal. / 250-350 sq.ft.
Base MembraneUREA-TUFF 6500-VT1 gal. / 67 sq.ft.
Intermediate MembraneUREA-TUFF 6500-VT1 gal. / 80 sq.ft.
Aggregate20/16 MeshTo Refusal
Top CoatUREA-TUFF 6500-VT1 gal. / 100 sq.ft.