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Utilizing TUFFLEX #55-INT System

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Low Odor, Mechanical Equipment Room Waterproofing - Pedestrian Coating Solutions

This system is a low odor, abrasion resistant, urethane plus epoxy waterproof coating system suitable for interior mechanical equipment room decks. It is a monolithic system, designed with integral flashing reinforcement around and over equipment pads to effectively seal the areas underneath from moisture penetration. This system incorporates excellent adhesion, flexibility and abrasion resistance while demonstrating superior chemical stability. Physical stresses imposed by vibration of equipment will not cause delaminating or rupture of the waterproof coating system.

TUFFLEX POLYMERS' pedestrian traffic bearing coating systems provide superior waterproofing protection to both concrete and plywood decks. These systems are seamless, provide UV and weather protection, prevent deterioration of plywood or concrete, stop scaling and spalling of concrete, reduce maintenance costs, and provide skid resistant surfacing.

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