TUFFLEX Polymers -Heavy Duty Elastomeric Membrane Assembly - Buried Membrane Solutions

Utilizing the ELASTA-TUFF BG 3000-R-90 Mil System

Category: below grade waterproofing and dampproofing | crack isolation | foundation waterproofing and dampproofing...

MasterFormat: Fluid-Applied Waterproofing | Membrane Roofing | Tile-Setting Materials*...

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Heavy Duty Elastomeric Membrane Assembly - Buried Membrane Solutions

A monolithic, fluid applied, elastomeric waterproofing membrane for waterproofing applications involving split slab construction, exterior foundation walls, planter boxes, base slab waterproofing or waterproofing requirements under tile or pavers with mortar bed. This membrane system is designed to form an adhesive bond to the waterproofed substrate in order to prevent lateral water migration between the membrane and base slab or vertical wall while at the same time allowing for normal structural movement without membrane rupture.

TUFFLEX POLYMERS' buried membrane waterproofing systems are fluid applied, seamless, have a superior bond to concrete and block surfaces, and allow for the normal movement of concrete structures while bridging shrinkage cracks. These systems are formed in place to provide tough seamless waterproofing that contours and encapsulates the entire surface.

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System Summary
LayersTUFFLEX ProductAmt./Sq.ft.Dry Mil ThicknessVOC
Concrete Substrate
Primer/SealerTUFF-POXY Primer #2 or
TUFF-POXY Primer #3
Base MembraneELASTA-TUFF BG 300030< 100 g/l
ReinforcerTuff-Tape "PW" Polyester Reinforcing Fabric
Intermediate MembraneELASTA-TUFF BG 300030< 100 g/l
Finishing MembraneELASTA-TUFF BG 300030< 100 g/l