Sturdisteel - Tongue & Groove Deck - Grandstand and Bleacher Decking

Tongue & Groove Deck - Grandstand and Bleacher Decking

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Tongue & Groove Deck - Grandstand and Bleacher Decking

The Tongue & Groove system is a closed deck that eliminates the gap at the footboard and risers by utilizing a tongue and groove design to lock the aluminum tread planks together. This system provides increased rigidity, reduces deflection, and allows the aluminum boards to act as one, solid deck.


  • Blasting for a slip-resistant finish
  • Anodized for a stain and oxidation resistant finish
  • Powder coating to add color to vertical risers on grandstand and bleachers
  • No Thru Bolt option – Provides no penetration of the vertical riser and accommodates future installation of reserved seating without replacing vertical risers. (recommended for stands with chair seating)
  • Weather Shield – for additional water containment to the top side, with required gutters and downspouts. This system is not 100% water-tight

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  • Containment of trash and debris on the top side of the stand for easy maintenance

  • Offered on both permanent grandstands and angle frame bleachers

  • Accommodates various rise and tread spacing

  • Accommodates stadium chair seating

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