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Looking for breathtaking barrel vaulting? Let us help you! With 100,000 square feet of production space and the largest selection of barrel vaulting designs anywhere, we are the world's biggest producer of barrel vaulting.

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  • Custom designs available upon request

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Barrel Vaulting

Looking for breathtaking barrel vaulting? Let us help you! With 100,000 square feet of production space and the largest selection of barrel vaulting designs anywhere, we are the world's biggest producer of barrel vaulting.

Product Selection
  • Custom designs available upon request
  • Exquisitely crafted work featured in the world's finest resorts, casinos, palaces, and restaurants
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  • Cast Stone barrel vaulting
  • GFRC barrel vaulting
  • GFRG barrel vaulting
  • GFRP barrel vaulting
  • GFRS barrel vaulting
  • Church Barrel Vaulting
  • Government Barrel Vaulting
  • Hospitality Barrel Vaulting
  • Renovation & Restoration Barrel Vaulting
  • Residential Barrel Vaulting
Barrel Vaulting overview

Walk into most homes, hospitality locations, or government buildings and look up - chances are the ceiling doesn't do much to add to the overall appeal or interior design. It's probably quite low, is painted a drab color, and has a uniform, flat shape. Now imagine the ceilings of some of the great churches of the world, such as the Sistine Chapel. Instead of a flat ceiling, this architectural masterpiece is crowned with semicircular architectural barrel vaulting. Aside from complimenting the other rounded arches that may be present, the architectural barrel vaulting found in many churches, including the Sistine Chapel, makes the building seem larger and more open. It also adds greatly to its aesthetic appeal.

Incorporating architectural barrel vaulting into the design of your building is a dramatic addition that is sure to make everyone take notice. Just how unique the architectural barrel vaulting you add to your home, business, or sacred place of worship will be depends mainly on the architectural design company you decide to work with. If you're looking for a world-renowned company with expert staff who will listen to your ideas and do their best to bring them to life, Stromberg is a great choice. Call us to today to discuss your design needs.

Cast Stone Barrel Vaulting

Architectural barrel vaulting constructed of quarried stone makes for an unforgettable look. Cool, and possessing a classic beauty that is hard to replicate, stone is certainly an attractive and appealing choice. However, it is also quite expensive, and repairing it can be difficult because of the need to find stone that has exactly the same appearance as the type originally used during construction.

Stromberg's Cast Stone barrel vaulting is a perfect choice for diehard fans of cut stone. All of our Cast Stone barrel vaulting is made through the use of molds. After we've developed a drawing and had it approved by you, we'll make a mold that conforms to your exact specifications. A combination of cement, crushed stone, and other additives will then be poured into the mold to produce the final product. Acid washing is the final step after the Cast Stone barrel vaulting is removed from the mold.

Our Cast Stone barrel vaulting is not an unconvincing, cheap-looking substitute - it's virtually indistinguishable from more costly quarried stone. That's because we use real crushed stone, and our production process replicates the process by which natural stone is formed. We can mimic the appearance of most types of stone to deliver exactly the look you want. And if repairs are ever needed, we will be able to match the existing look and texture of your Cast Stone barrel vaulting. Our Cast Stone barrel vaulting is even stronger than quarried stone, so there's virtually no reason to opt for costlier quarried stone instead. We are happy to provide quotes and material samples to prospective clients.

GFRC Barrel Vaulting

Concrete is an extensively used building material that offers a pleasing look, but using concrete for architectural barrel vaulting does have its limitations, the main one being its heavy weight. Adding concrete barrel vaulting would likely involve the installation of wall supports and buttresses, which would dramatically increase the time required to complete the installation and your final bill.

Choosing GFRC barrel vaulting instead is a way to avoid many of the problems associated with pre-cast concrete. Compared to pre-cast concrete that is reinforced with heavier materials like steel, GFRC is very lightweight. GFRC barrel vaulting will not usually require additional supports, so having this stunning feature installed in your building will be a pleasure instead of a hassle.

GFRC barrel vaulting is made from real Portland cement, so the look of your GFRC barrel vaulting will be completely authentic. A number of finishes, including acid-washed, buff, dark buff, and white are available, and GFRC barrel vaulting can also be finished to replicate terra-cotta, granite, limestone, and cast stone. Your GFRC barrel vaulting will be produced with a mold. We'll take careful measurements to ensure your GFRC barrel vaulting will be a perfect fit, and we'll also make sure you are completely delighted with the design before we build the mold and complete the project. GFRC barrel vaulting contains no harmful chemicals and will not burn - it's a completely safe choice of materials in addition to a versatile and lightweight one. When you're ready to find out more about GFRC barrel vaulting and why it may be a better choice than concrete, contact the friendly and knowledgeable experts at Stromberg.

GFRG Barrel Vaulting

Glass Fiber Reinforced Gypsum is thin, lightweight, and extremely strong, making it a great choice of material for architectural barrel vaulting. GFRG barrel vaulting is extremely versatile. GFRG barrel vaulting can be molded into virtually any shape, and there are an extensive number of finishes available. GFRG barrel vaulting can be made to resemble limestone, copper, bronze, sandstone, and more. GFRG barrel vaulting is also available in a special white finish that can be painted any color, with practically any type of paint. This option is an extremely popular one among those who like to experiment with different colors and combinations. With GFRG barrel vaulting, changing the appearance of a room or implementing a new color scheme to match your updated furniture and flooring is as easy as buying a few buckets of paint!

Because of its light weight, GFRG barrel vaulting is easy to transport and quick to install. GFRG is completely fire resistant, and will even protect the portions of the building located above it for as long as two hours. As long as GFRG barrel vaulting is not exposed to moisture, it will be a low-maintenance addition to your home, business, or place of worship that will last for many years to come. If you'd like to discuss your barrel vaulting needs and find out whether GFRG barrel vaulting would be a good choice for your project, please call us at 903-454-0904. We can also be reached by email at

GFRP Barrel Vaulting

Glass Fiber Reinforced Polymer, more commonly known as fiberglass, is a material that has revolutionized the building industry. Its many advantages over more traditional buildings materials make GFRP the perfect choice if you are considering having architectural barrel vaulting installed.

If you don't already have architectural barrel vaulting in your home, church, or hotel, having it installed can mean adding costly wall supports if you opt to go with traditional materials. GFRP barrel vaulting is extremely lightweight, and it's likely no additional supports will be needed. You won't encounter a lot of unexpected costs, and GFRP barrel vaulting won't place excessive stress on the surrounding walls, which can weaken the structure over time.

GFRP barrel vaulting is an exceptionally practical choice, but it's also a very exciting one. Because Stromberg uses molds to produce their GFRP barrel vaulting, it can be manufactured in an unlimited array of textures. GFRP barrel vaulting is available in every color imaginable, and it can replicate extremely expensive materials like copper, bronze, limestone, and granite at a fraction of the cost. GFRP barrel vaulting is also very low maintenance - you'll never have to worry about getting up on a dangerous ladder to paint your GFRP barrel vaulting, and making repairs is a snap. After you've met with our outstanding design team to discuss your needs, we'll prepare a sketch and submit it to our architect for approval. We'll let you have a look, address any concerns or questions, and make sure everything is absolutely perfect before we pour the mold for your GFRP barrel vaulting. You can rest assured we will do everything possible to develop GFRP barrel vaulting that will exceed your expectations. Our friendly representatives are always happy to tell you more about any of our products.

GFRS Barrel Vaulting

The Romans were the first people to incorporate architectural barrel vaulting into the design of their buildings to any great extent, and their material of choice was stone. Today, the Roman architectural style is still admired and replicated throughout the world. With materials like GFRS now available, however, it's no longer necessary or practical to use cut stone as an architectural barrel vaulting material.

GFRS barrel vaulting is the perfect substitute for cut stone. Invented by Lyndon Stromberg, Glass Fiber Reinforced Stone looks just like quarried stone because it's made with real crushed stone. It's more than just crushed stone, however - it's reinforced with lightweight and super-strong fiberglass, making it the perfect choice of material for architectural barrel vaulting. It's light enough that you probably won't have to make upgrades to the surrounding structure, and the fact that it's cast in molds means you won't have to worry about the errors and irregularities associated with hand and machine-cut stone. Our system for producing GFRS barrel vaulting allows us to deliver a product that is uniform and meets your exact specifications, without any unwanted surprises.

GFRS barrel vaulting is available in a number of finishes, including buff, distressed, and white. If you're looking for the perfect enhancement for your cathedral or Roman-inspired resort or hotel, GFRS barrel vaulting is definitely the way to go.

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