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  • The biggest selection of fountains anywhere
  • A range of high quality materials, finishes, and textures
  • Custom fountain designs upon request
  • Unsurpassed quality and craftsmanship

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Fountains And Rings

Product Selection

  • The biggest selection of fountains anywhere
  • A range of high quality materials, finishes, and textures
  • Custom fountain designs upon request
  • Unsurpassed quality and craftsmanship
  • Shopping malls and plazas
  • Hotels and resorts
  • Restaurants
  • Colleges and universities
  • Specification and drawing assistance
  • CAD drawings
  • Prototypes and production
  • Installation upon request
Select Projects, Clients, and Commissions
  • Embassy Suites, Charleston, SC
  • TaMolly's Restaurant, Texarkana, TX
  • Clear Lake Plaza, Houston, TX
Material Selection
  • Bronze Fountains
  • Cast Stone Fountains
  • GFRC Fountains
  • GFRP Fountains
  • GFRS Fountains
  • Granite Fountains
Fountains and Rings overview

There is a certain something about fountains that few people can resist. It might be the soothing sight of water cascading down the fountain rings, the calming sound of flowing water, or the cooling spray that can help people escape from the summer heat for a while. Regardless of the reason behind their almost universal appeal, fountains are a great choice if you're looking for a way to make your customers and guests feel relaxed and at ease. An outdoor fountain in front of your casino will make guests feel welcome, while a fountain in a garden area can give your hotel guests a place to get away for a while. Fountains placed in lobbies, restaurants, and shopping malls can transform a room or area into a spectacular and therapeutic space.

Stromberg can craft custom fountains and rings that will work with the theme and style of your resort or hotel. If you own an ocean-themed paradise, for example, sculptures of dolphins, tropical fish, seahorses, or mermaids can be incorporated into the design of your fountain. We can match the color scheme of your building's exterior or interior, so our fountains will never look out of place once installed.

Bronze Fountains

These are classic and exclusive fountains that will last many lifetimes. Bronze fountains are not just long lasting and durable, but they are the most visually stunning spectacles, and add a luxurious touch to your business or hotel. Price wise, they are at the higher end of the scale, but their distinctive looks unmatched by other materials make them worth the cost for those who want a signature commercial fountain that will command attention as a work of art.

Bronze undergoes an aging process accelerated through daily contact with water and air that gives it a greenish patina called verdigris. This change of color gives the bronze fountain a timeless distinctive look as it ages, and is part of the reason why they are on so many wish lists. The patina also acts a protective coating helping to protect the bronze fountain through the years.

While a bronze fountain is an elegant picture any time of the day, it can be accented with lighting to bring out its brilliant natural sheen at night.

Look through our product range to find a bronze fountain that's unmatched in beauty and timeless elegance. Or tell us your visualization of a fountain in bronze and our design team will create one that's suited to your needs.

Cast Stone Fountains

Cast Stone mimics the appearance of natural stone to perfection, and is available in a variety of shades so you'll have no trouble finding the exact stone fountain that goes with your ultra glam lobby. Because cast stone handles wear and tear better than many types of natural cut stone, you can feel confident that your cast iron fountain will ripple and splash for many years to come.

The beauty of cast stone only increases with time giving the fountain an elegant vintage look that makes it seem as if it was always part of the landscape.

The best feature of Cast Stone is how well it allows for inclusion of artistic details and European inspired decorative scroll work and fine sculpting. If your dream of a fountain extends to a water feature that you noticed in Paris or the kind of fountains big and small, that dot squares and courtyards all over Rome, then cast stone might be perfectly suited to you. There is no limit to the kind of statuary that you could choose to complement your cast stone fountain - Greek sculptures, wildlife elements like animals, birds and fish, religious or other symbols, decorative scroll work - all of these can be incorporated easily in cast stone. If you want to play it safe and go for a traditional tiered fountain, that would be fine too!

GFRC Fountains

GFRC (Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete) is being used extensively for a range of architectural applications including fountains, planters, urns, and decorative ornamentation. GFRC is composed of Portland cement, glass fibers, fine aggregates and additives that combined with the manufacturing process give it the lightweight quality that is its biggest USP. Because of its low weight as compared to concrete, GFRC can be easily manipulated into a variety of designs without putting undue pressure on the structure. GFRC fountains are easier to install with smaller panels requiring hardly any lifting equipment at all.

Fiberglass Fountains

Fiberglass (reinforced polymer) is a material that lends itself exceedingly well to illumination. It gleams in the sun during the daytime, and dazzles during the night making for an enthralling fountain visual. For an even more magical waterscape, fiber optics are incorporated into the design of a fiber glass fountain, and the result is spectacularly beautiful.

Here are more reasons why fiberglass is the material of choice for so many fountain buyers:

  • Fiberglass is non corrosive
  • It can replicate the look of many other materials like stone, concrete and slate to perfection. In fact you'd have to touch the fountain to tell the difference!
  • It's lightweight
  • It's low on maintenance
  • It's economical compared to some other materials like high quality granite
  • It's durable
GFRS (Glass Fiber Reinforced Stone) Fountains

After years spent working with reinforced materials like Cast Stone, Stromberg Architectural Products conceived and designed a product that combines the best of both worlds - the light weight qualities of Glass Fiber Reinforced Polymer (GFRP) and the sturdiness of quarried stone. The result is GFRS (Glass Fiber Reinforced Stone), combining elegant looks with strength and dependability fashioned through state of the art technology.

Creating GFRS Fountains

GFRS is a blend of crushed stone, resin and glass fibers, all of which are mixed and sprayed into a mold that is based on your design. Once completed, GFRS looks as heavy as natural stone but is extremely lightweight.

Why use GFRS?
Strength GFRS is extremely strong and has the same strength to weight ratio as GFRP. Light weight GFRS weighs barely 3 lbs per square foot, making installation of your fountain extremely easy. This lightweight quality also means there is lesser structural framework necessary, and shipping costs are also considerably lower. Resistance to Chemicals GFRS is unaffected by the onslaught of salt water, acid rain, chemicals, and environmental elements - in short it's resistant to just about every thing that can be thrown at it in the open. Flexibility One of GFRS' most unique characteristics and one that gives it an edge over other harder durable materials is its flexibility. It can be molded to just about any shape you desire. This is in sharp contrast to natural stone. Durability GFRS is just as durable and long lasting as GFRP. Beauty With GFRS, you can enjoy the beauty of traditional stone work fountains without the high prices and at a fraction of the weight.

With the depth of experience that the Stromberg in house design team has in creating custom GFRS fountains, we'll ensure that your vision for a fountain is brought to fruition.

Granite Fountains

Its strength, durability and smooth finish make granite a preferable choice for fountains. It's harder than marble, and allows immense possibilities for intricate and exquisite carving. Granite can withstand the elements, and is resistant to chipping and breaking which makes it a perfect material for outdoor fountains. The beauty of a granite fountain lies in its smooth polished finish, unmatched by most fountain materials.

A granite fountain is especially suited to an Asian inspired garden or courtyard theme. It's also ideal for colder climates unlike marble which is porous and better suited to exterior use in warmer climates.

Creating a Granite fountain

As in the case of stone, granite is chiseled and carved into the desired shape. Unwanted blocks are cut away, and the statuary is chipped at till it takes form. It is then polished to its distinctively shiny high gloss finish.

Granite is also low on maintenance which makes it perfect for large outdoor architectural fountains where a daily cleaning and maintenance routine may not always be feasible. It's also the longest lasting of fountain materials, and you can expect your granite fountain to last many many lifetimes!

Stromberg Architectural Products has an array of choices in granite fountains from minimalist Asian inspired designs to gleaming elaborate structures that stand out as the centerpiece of your property.

Custom Fountains

While you can choose from our varied range of stock fountains to complement your resort, hotel, mall or other commercial space, you might also want to consider a one of a kind custom fountain. These can be personalized to suit your fancy. Large outdoor fountains can be created to center around a theme. Custom fountains can be created in larger sizes that round out a city square, or act as the focal point for a park or public garden setting. From a smaller fountain for indoor use to large architectural fountains with limitless design potential, there are virtually no limits to your design options with a custom fountain.

If you have an original idea for a fountain, a custom fountain is the perfect way to give it wings. Did you see a fountain on your European travels that you want replicated? A custom fountain is the way to go then. Or you could just browse through our stock of fountains, pick out appealing features from a few, and mix and match them so you end up with a beautiful and unique signature piece that truly reflects your style and personality.

Animals, birds, fish and other natural elements can easily be added, and customized accents can be included in the design plan. Want a fountain that's personalized to incorporate your company or hotel logo? No problem. In fact, including a business logo or insignia is a great way to showcase your business' ethos and company character.

With a custom fountain, you can spin different variations on materials, shapes, sizes, and finishes. You can play around with different design possibilities so you end up with a spectacular waterscape that's like no other. Sizes can be reduced or increased depending on your space requirements.

Whether you want to add or delete features from our existing standard model fountains to create a unique piece, or would like to fashion a new one from scratch based on an original idea you have, Stromberg Architectural Products can help you realize your vision for a waterscape that's truly in sync with your personality, business and needs. Feel free to browse our catalog of existing stock fountains and let us know if you'd like variations on any of them. Or if you have a novel idea that you would like us to execute, just bring it to us and we'll bring it to life!

Waterfall Fountains

Waterfalls have the ability to mesmerize and awe. How often have you looked out at a waterfall and held your breath? While the thunderous force of a Niagara Falls may be difficult to replicate, Stromberg Architectural Products has a selection of stock and custom waterfalls to blend perfectly into any setting - from large outdoor spaces to hushed lobbies.

A large rocky waterfall can provide a dramatic and majestic backdrop to your lobby, while adding sound and motion effects to your hotel swimming pool. In fact, many people consider a pool or pond incomplete without the cascades of water that somehow seem to complete the picture.

While choosing a waterfall you might want to consider the space that the waterfall will occupy and the level of sound you're willing to tolerate. This will depend on a large part on the receiver of the cascading water. Water falling from a height into water will be splashier and noisier, so you might want to avoid this concept in a limited indoor space. On the other hand this sort of gushing sound is an attractive element of outdoor commercial water falls, and plays a huge part in the fascination that people seem to have for cascading water.

With Stromberg's selection of waterfalls, you'll have no problem finding a smaller cascade that fits near your entranceway, or an impressive waterfall for a larger outdoor space.

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