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  • The best selection of entryways anywhere
  • A range of materials and finishes
  • One of a kind custom entryways
  • The best quality and service in the industry

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What Can You Expect?

  • The best selection of entryways anywhere
  • A range of materials and finishes
  • One of a kind custom entryways
  • The best quality and service in the industry
  • Colleges and universities
  • Courthouses
  • Residential
  • Retail and hospitality establishments
  • Design and drawing assistance
  • CAD drawings
  • Prototypes and production
  • Installation services available
  • No charge initial estimates and consultations
  • Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete
  • Glass Fiber Reinforced Polymer
  • Glass Fiber Reinforced Stone
Material Selection
  • GFRC Entryways
  • GFRP Entryways
  • GFRS Entryways
  • Church & Ecclesiastical Entryways
  • Custom Entryways
  • Government Entryways
  • Hospitality Entryways
  • Renovation & Restoration Entryways
  • Residential Entryways
Entryways overview

Architectural entryways are common architectural features on churches, government buildings, and hospitality locations. On churches, architectural entryways can be enhanced with moldings and bas relief featuring religious symbols or scenes, making the doorway through which the faithful enter the building every bit as stunning as the interior of the sacred structure. In hospitality locations, architectural entryways can help visitors navigate through large resorts and find specific locations, serving a practical as well as an aesthetic function.

All of our architectural entryways, whether custom made or not, are available in a number of materials, textures, and finishes, and you'll be amazed at the versatility of our reinforced entryways. If you want understated and simple, our GFRC entryways are available in a special finish that can be painted with almost any brand and color of paint. White is a popular color choice, as it complements most colors. If you're feeling more daring, you might choose a GFRP entryway that has the appearance of nickel and an aged metal finish. Or how about an entryway that has the appearance of marble and a distressed finish? The number of possibilities is astounding, and you can even combine different colors, finishes, and textures.

GFRC entryways

Concrete is an aesthetically-pleasing choice of material for architectural entryways, but it does have its share of limitations. It's quite heavy, so the size of architectural entryways may be limited. In addition, concrete structures exposed to large amounts of moisture are prone to cracking, which can result in costly repairs.

By choosing GFRC entryways instead, you can avoid these problems. Instead of heavy materials like steel, our GFRC entryways are reinforced with lightweight fiberglass - GFRC weighs only a fraction of pre-cast concrete. For this reason, it's usually possible to build and install a large and elaborate GFRC entryway without worrying about whether the surrounding structure will be able to support it. GFRC entryways will not crack like regular concrete, even when they are frequently exposed to acid rain, moisture, and salt water. These architectural entryways will provide years of virtually maintenance-free beauty.

GFRC entryways are available in a number of looks and designs. Through the use of molds, we can develop GFRC entryways that are virtually any shape and texture. Our GFRC entryways can replicate the look of popular materials like terra cotta and limestone - you can get all the beauty of these materials without the excessive weight and cost. All of our GFRC entryways are also available in a special finish that can be painted with almost any brand or color. Whether you want a gleaming white entryway or a subtle cornflower blue one, it's as easy as visiting your hardware store for a few cans of high quality paint.

GFRP entryways

When it comes to GFRP entryways, the number of design possibilities is staggering. Through the use of molds, we can add flawless detailing and inscriptions to architectural entryways, without the risk of mistakes or "slips of the hand" associated with some other methods. For custom entryways, we always build a model first. That way, our clients can see exactly what their architectural entryway will look like. This allows us to make any changes or adjustments to the design before we proceed to the next step.

GFRP entryways are extremely lightweight, meaning a greater number of designs are possible. Even very large architectural entryways can usually be safely installed without additional supports; excessive stress on the surrounding structure will not typically be an issue. GFRP entryways are strong - structures made of this material have lasted through category 5 hurricanes! GFRP entryways are also weather-resistant, long-lasting, and easier to permanently repair (although repairs will rarely be necessary) than architectural entryways made of other materials.

Perhaps the best thing about GFRP entryways, however, is that they are visually stunning. You can choose from a number of vibrant colors or replicate the look of more costly materials like copper, limestone, and granite. A variety of attractive finishes, such as aged metal and wood grain, are available. And if you have something completely different in mind for your GFRP entryway, the experts at Stromberg can probably create exactly what you want. They can also match the look, color, and texture of surrounding structures, so you get a GFRP entryway that perfectly complements your home or building.

GFRS entryways

Carved stone is a classic and timeless material that has been used to build many of the most well-known and impressive structures in the world. Architectural entryways made of carved stone are also visually stunning, but the fact that carved stone is so heavy makes this material costly to transport and difficult to install.

Stromberg's GFRS entryways offer the attractiveness of carved stone without the added weight. The surface is made of actual stone aggregate, so nobody will be able to notice any difference between GFRS and real carved stone just by looking. GFRS entryways are reinforced with lightweight fiberglass, so they weigh significantly less than solid stone structures. Even large GFRS entryways can be installed with ease, usually without any additional supports.

Despite their lower weight, GFRS entryways are every bit as strong and durable as their solid carved stone counterparts. They are weather resistant - rain, heat, snow, and even severe events like hurricanes will not usually be enough to damage GFRS entryways. If damage does occur, GFRS entryways are much easier to repair than carved stone. All of our GFRS entryways are available in a number of finishes, including distressed, buff, and white. Ask us how this material can give you the timeless beauty of cut stone without the added weight and excessive cost.

Exterior entryways

Whether architectural entryways lead into a breathtaking resort, a federal courthouse, or a two-story family home, they are a design feature that welcomes strangers, family, customers, and friends alike. To ensure that your architectural entryway will add to the beauty of your building and not detract from it, it's important to consider several factors.

Entryway Design

When it comes to architectural entryways, it's not enough to look for one that is visually appealing; you have to choose one that is going to work with the surrounding structure. Here are a few design elements to keep in mind:

Size: In general, the size of architectural entryways should be related to the size of the building. For instance, while a huge archway might look good in the catalog, it probably wouldn't work on a tiny Cape Cod home.

Color: Architectural entryways are available in virtually any color. However, you should keep in mind that the function of most entryways is to create a focal point to draw attention to the door or entrance point of a building. For this reason, white is a popular color for architectural entryways, particularly for homes. You could also choose complimentary colors for a more daring contrast. If you're interested in having a very subtle entryway, you could also choose a color that either matches or is a slightly different shade than the surrounding building.

Shape: Most buildings and homes that are described as pleasing to the eye have unity in their design. To achieve this, choose architectural entryways that are similar in shape to any other accents that appear on the exterior of the building. If it's a church with rectangular windows, for example, choose an architectural entryway that has a boxy or rectangular shape.

Architectural Entryway Materials

The right building materials can save you a lot of headaches both during the design and installation process and also down the road. Fiberglass and fiberglass reinforced entryways, for example, have a number of advantages compared to other materials. They're lightweight, strong, weather resistant, and long lasting. Unlike other materials, you won't have to make expensive repairs and replacements due to rotting, rusting, insect infestations, or the host of other problems commonly associated with many materials used for outdoor structures. Keep in mind while choosing a material that value and price aren't the same thing. You want a material that will last, and spending a little more upfront is often well worth it in the long run.

Choosing the Right Architectural Company

When choosing an architectural company, you want to look for one that uses great materials, has experience, and offers superior customer service. Stromberg is a company that will offer you all of this and more. All of their architectural entryways are constructed of fiberglass and fiberglass-reinforced materials, offering you great value for your money. Their projects can be found throughout the world, and they've worked with big name celebrities like Sylvester Stallone and world-renowned hospitality locations like the Atlantis Resort. Their customer service is second to none, and they are willing to work with clients to develop custom entryways based on their exact specifications. They're always happy to provide more information about their reinforced entryways or any of their other products over the phone or through email. You can contact them at 903-454-3642 or

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