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Architectural GFRC panels have been used successfully for over 25 years on a variety of buildings. GFRC cladding offers numerous benefits to the architect, contractor and the owner over other types of cladding or curtain wall.

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Cladding Panels

Architectural GFRC panels have been used successfully for over 25 years on a variety of buildings. GFRC cladding offers numerous benefits to the architect, contractor and the owner over other types of cladding or curtain wall.

Benefits Include:
  • Reduced structural loads: Reduce the load on the buildings structure and simplify connections
  • Faster Installation: Cladding with GFRC panels can often eliminate the need for scaffolding because the panels are lifted by crane and then attached from inside the building.
  • Speed: Meet fast track schedules by pre-fabricating the wall cladding panels in advance while foundation and structure is being built. This allows the contractor the ability to rapidly complete panel installation even in poor weather conditions.
  • Quality: Provides a superior product thanks to the factory controlled manufacturing environment and quality process.
  • Quality installation: GFRC panels provide a smoother installation since they are pre made. The wall panels cover a larger area and reduce field work. Specific detailing issues can be resolved with the architect and contractor before fabrication work begins.

In order to get the most benefit from GFRC cladding, the advantages should be fully considered at an early stage. In addition to better quality, more efficient construction and reduced load on the buildings structure, GFRC panels allow for greater design freedom than alternative cladding methods.

Cladding Panels overview

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FAQ: GFRC Cladding Panels

What are GFRC panels?

GFRC cladding panels consist of a 1/2" to 1" thick concrete shell reinforced with glass fibers. The shell is attached to an integral 16 or 18 gauge galvanized steel stud frame. Typically the overall thickness of a panel is 6 1/2" (including GFRC, airspace and stud frame). Studs are typically 24" on center. Closer stud spacing and larger studs may be necessary for longer spans. In some applications, tube steel or GFRC ribs may be used instead of the stud frame. Attachment of the GFRC shell or skin to the stud frame is through "flex anchors" these connectors are 1/4" to 3/8" diameter stainless steel rods. Other anchors may also be used depending upon the specific application. The entire assembly weighs from 10 to 20 lbs per square foot.

What is the maximum size of a cladding panel?

Technically the maximum size of a GFRC panel is 14' by 45'. In practical use however, the maximum size for simple transport and handling is approximately 8' by 14' up to 12' by 24'.

What are the capabilities and design limits of GFRC panels?

There are few limits on the shapes, textures and colors that can be obtained in Stromberg Gfrc cladding panels. From sweeping curves to highly ornate historical recreations, GFRC allows designers a wide range of freedom. The thin shell of GFRC allows for deep sections to be used for projecting cornices or window surrounds without a weight penalty.

How durable is GFRC cladding?

Stromberg GFRC panels have held up to category 5 hurricanes and earthquakes. Stromberg GFRC's resistance to natural disasters has lead it to be selected for government emergency management professionals for their emergency command posts. GFRC is resistant to rot, termites, and most kinds of damage. GFRC will not rust or corrode when exposed to moisture or saltwater, and can withstand storms and harsh conditions better than many other cladding products.

What materials are in the GFRC panels?

GFRC is made from portland cement and aggregate and reinforced with alkali resistant glass fiber reinforcement. The glass fiber adds flexural, tensile and impact strength. In Gfrc cladding panels, the strength of the GFRC composite combined with the steel stud frame, allows the production of a strong-yet lightweight -architectural cladding. Cast in colors are determined by the aggregate, the cement and mineral pigments.

What is the purpose of the steel stud frame?

The GFRC panels are delivered to site with integral steel stud frames. The frames provide the structure of the panel and allow for simple connection by clips and mechanical fasteners. The frames allow a space for insulation. They can also provide the framework for attachment of furring and interior wall board.

What textures are available?

A wide variety of attractive patterns, surface textures, colors and decorative aggregates are available.

What about fire?

GFRC is made up of mineral components and will not burn. GFRC offers a flame spread of 0. These non-combustible panels can achieve2-hour fire rating with UL listed assemblies.

What about quality?

Stromberg GFRC panels meet or exceed the requirements of PCI design manual MNL 128-01. A comprehensive quality control process is in place to help ensure quality is built into the product and to ensure customer satisfaction. After the panel is complete, each panel must pass a 50 point quality inspection.

What are GFRC sandwich panels?

GFRC sandwich panels consist of a GFRC skin and an insulating core. The core may be plastic foam such as expanded polystyrene, extruded polystyrene or polyurethane foam or a lightweight insulating concrete. Sandwich panels may be used where a GFRC outer wall and GFRC inner wall are desired.

What are GFRC flex anchors for?

Flex anchors are rods (usually bent stainless steel) that act as attachments to hold the GFRC skin to the metal stud frame and allow some minor movement between the GFRC face of the cladding and the steel frame.

When are GFRC panels installed?

For metal framed wall cladding systems, the buildings structural frame is erected and then the cladding. On walls where there is a wall structure behind the panels, the walls are framed, sheathed and a water barrier is installed before the wall panels are erected.

Who designs, builds and installs the GFRC panels?

GFRC panel design is a collaborative effort between the architect, the engineers and Stromberg. The process is typically as follows:

  1. Challenge: First we listen to your needs and wants and then we discuss possible solutions. Working together we identify the project requirements in terms of form, shape and function. Samples, sketches and possible options are reviewed and considered.
  2. Development: Our team of specialists relies on our 25+ years of experience and 1600 completed projects to addresses construction and detail requirements and submits initial solutions. We submit preliminary load to building calculations.
  3. Detail planning: Once a solution has been accepted, we develop details of the GFRC panels, the panel connection to the building and interface with other materials.
  4. Production: Once submittals are approved production can begin. Our skilled craftsmen work with state-of-the-art technology and time honored skills to produce quality GFRC products.
  5. Installation: We offer various options for installation. If requested we can provide installation. Alternately a qualified local subcontractor can perform the installation.
  6. After Sales Service: While a project may end, our willingness to help does not. We offer continued support and advice if needed.

GFRC Cladding Panel Applications


Healthcare facilities benefit from the durability, speed and design freedom that Stromberg GFRC cladding brings to designers, contractors and owners of healthcare facilities.


Fast construction, quality finish and flexibility allow GFRC to be an ideal cladding for high tech offices and facilities.


Casinos, hotels and resorts benefit from Stromberg GFRC panels speed, design freedom and durability.


With a quality, durable and high end appearance, GFRC panels from Stromberg helps developers maximize the value of the development.


Government buildings benefit from the durable, substantial and quality look of Stromberg cladding panels and architectural elements.


High fashion GFRC cladding lends itself to unique, creative solutions and a custom, unique and high quality appearance.

Stadiums/Sports & Entertainment Venues

Sports and entertainment venues benefit from the speed and flexibility of the GFRC cladding system

Custom Solutions

GFRC lends itself to a variety of custom solutions including recladding of existing buildings, restoration of historic buildings, parking structure cladding and artwork.

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