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What are Bollards?

Bollards are posts, balls, planters or other objects used to restrict motor vehicle traffic.
Normally bollards are short, about three feet tall.

Types of Bollards

Bollards can be classified as:

  • Permanent Bollards

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What are Bollards?

Bollards are posts, balls, planters or other objects used to restrict motor vehicle traffic.
Normally bollards are short, about three feet tall.

Types of Bollards

Bollards can be classified as:

  • Permanent Bollards
  • Movable Bollards
  • Security Bollards
  • Planter Bollards
  • Illuminated Bollards
Materials for Bollards

Stromberg produces bollards in a variety of materials. This allows you the freedom to select the material that best suits your needs.

  • Architectural Precast Concrete
  • Cast Stone
  • GFRC (Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete
  • Architectural Fiberglass
  • Granite

Bollards overview

Permanent Bollards

Stromberg offers an array of static architectural bollards. These bollards may be surface mounted or built into the ground.

Movable Bollards

Movable bollards offer a sleeve that allows them to be moved when necessary

Security bollards

Security bollards are designed and built to withstand a vehicle ramming attack.

Security bollards are primarily for anti-terrorism and anti-crime protection and are engineered to withstand heavy impacts. They can be permanent, movable or planter bollards.

Planter Bollards

Planter bollards offer the protection of a bollard and the opportunity for a green space. Planter bollards can restrict access to motor vehicles and improve aesthetics. Planter bollards can be used to define a space, protect pedestrians, allow areas for seating and enhance the area with greenery.

Illuminated Bollards

Lighted bollards offer the benefits of street lighting along with the security of a bollard.

Custom Bollards

Most of the work we do is custom. Custom sizes, shapes, colors and textures are no problem. We are here to help.

Bollards Save Lives

Each year motorists kill thousands of pedestrians and many thousands more are injured. Bollards can help protect people and property:

  • Bollards are proven to calm traffic and prevent crashes.
  • Bollards protect pedestrians and cyclists from vehicles.
  • Bollards designate pedestrian areas. They block cars and trucks while allowing pedestrians and bicycles to pass freely between the bollards.
  • Bollards enforce and manage traffic flow 24 hours a day.
Bollards Manage Traffic

Bollards can serve several functions in traffic management:

  • Protect property from vehicles
  • Divert traffic
  • Close off areas for pedestrian only use
Bollards Create Livable Streets

Bollards and security planters help make streets safe for pedestrians, children, seniors and bicyclists. Streets become safer and more livable. Street side restaurants and shops, street fairs and sidewalk service cafes become possible. Bollards and planters can be used to close streets to create plazas and areas of refuge from the city traffic. These protected areas give people the ability to relax and enjoy the outdoors in an outside "room". These "livable streets" can play a vital role in attracting pedestrians and business to an area.

Bollards Protect Bike Lanes, Paths and Greenways

Bollards and barrier planters can be a valuable tool to prevent motorists from entering bike lanes, separated paths and greenways.

Bollards for Security

Bollards and security planters by Stromberg can be installed to stop a car or truck, even one traveling at high speeds. Bollards are used at courthouses, capitals, power plants, office buildings, airports, embassies and military bases around the world.

  • Security bollards and barriers can include bollards, barriers and planters
  • Easy to install
  • Attractive and low maintenance
  • Security without a "fortress" appearance
Bollards to Prevent Parking

Illegally parked trucks and cars can damage sidewalks, restrict pedestrian access and can be a nuisance and safety hazard. Building owners are responsible for maintaining the pedestrian walkways and sidewalks by their buildings and bollards and security planters can help stop vehicles from parking on the sidewalks and damaging them. Bollards prevent cars from blocking building entrances.

Bollards for Property Protection

Bollards can protect building corners, bus stops, telephone booths and utility boxes from cars.

Icon Bollards and Way Finding

Icon bollards identify areas, stores or attractions. Sports balls for a ball park, giant fruit for a grocery or animals for a zoo. We produce custom icon bollards that become fun, memorable attractions.

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