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  • Over 30 standard baluster designs to select from
  • Wide selection of top rails, bases, piers and finials
  • Several designs to meet guard rail height and spacing requirements
  • Angled balustrade for stairs

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Product Selection

  • Over 30 standard baluster designs to select from
  • Wide selection of top rails, bases, piers and finials
  • Several designs to meet guard rail height and spacing requirements
  • Angled balustrade for stairs
  • Spiral and Curved Stairway Balustrade
  • Curved baluster rails
  • Arched bridge balustrade
  • Piers and finials
  • High rise balconies
  • Plazas and pool decks
  • Residential
Material Selection
  • Cast Stone Balustrade
  • GFRP Balustrade
  • GFRS Balustrade
Select projects and clients:
  • Atlantis Resort
  • Claremont Inn
  • Opryland, Florida
  • Portofino
Balustrade overview

Popularized during the Italian Renaissance, balustrade is a decorative and functional architectural feature inspired by classical Greek and Roman architecture that can make your building beautiful and safe. Balustrade is made up of the top rail, the baluster (or spindles), and the base rail or plinth. In addition to being visually stunning, balustrade can also serve as a safety rail when installed around pools, drop offs, balconies, and patios.

Stromberg has 30 years of experience designing and installing balustrade for the world's finest hospitality locations. We will work with you to find the material and finish that will be best for your balustrade system. Our designers can craft angled balustrade for stairways, curved balustrade for spiral staircases, and straight balustrade to surround landings and decks. We will ensure your balustrade complies with all local building codes, and that it complements the interior or exterior of your building. Protect and impress your esteemed guests with eye-catching balustrade by Stromberg.

Cast Stone Architectural Balustrade

If you love the look of carved limestone, cast stone balusters are an ideal choice. Instead of carving stone into the desired shape, we use genuine crushed limestone and white concrete to achieve the exact form and texture requested by the client. The result is a flawless balustrade system that is virtually indistinguishable from carved stone and much less expensive.

Cast stone balustrade is very low maintenance and very attractive. Our unique material is not only stronger than cut stone, but also weathers better than many types of natural cut stone. Because we replicate the natural stone formation process, we can achieve any color or texture combination you desire.

Used in both new construction and restoration projects, cast stone balustrade is set using either mortar or adhesive to ensure the final product will be sturdy and safe. First, the cast stone base rail is set in a bed of mortar. The balusters are doweled and set with mortar, and then the cap rail is mortared into place. Cast stone balustrade is quite heavy, weighing anywhere from 85 to 140 pounds per linear foot. Therefore, cast stone balustrade may be unsuitable for very large projects. To find out whether this material is right for your next project, or to obtain a sample of this unique and breathtaking material, contact a Stromberg representative today.

Glass Fiber Reinforced Polymer (Fiberglass) Balustrade

Glass Fiber Reinforced Polymer is a revolutionary building material that offers design options that are practically limitless. If you're struggling to find the perfect material for your balustrade system, why not consider fiberglass?

One of the biggest advantages of GFRP balustrade is that it requires little to no maintenance, even when kept outdoors in the harshest climates. GFRP balustrade is impervious to water, freezing, salt, acid, and most chemicals, so you can enjoy the stunning beauty of your GFRP balustrade without worrying about damage and costly repairs. GFRP balustrade by Stromberg is stronger than many other traditional building materials. It's also lightweight and easy to handle, making transportation and installation a breeze. You can order any custom color you'd like, or we can apply special finishes that will make your GFRP balustrade look like limestone, bronze, or even gold! Now you can make your guests feel like royalty without breaking the bank.

One of Stromberg's representatives would be happy to tell you how GFRP balustrade can enhance the appearance of your landings, decks, or staircases. We can provide a quote based on your unique vision, and we'll make sure you're delighted with your GFRP balustrade before we install it.

GFRS Balustrade

Cut stone is a classically beautiful building material, but it does have some limitations. Its heavy weight makes cut stone impractical for large projects, and harsh climates and acid rain can wreak havoc on stone structures over time. For those who can't resist the timeless beauty of natural stone, Stromberg is pleased to offer Glass Fiber Reinforced Stone balustrade. Our GFRS balustrade closely resembles stone, but weighs only about 3 pounds per square foot. The typical GFRS balustrade weighs less than 20 pounds per linear foot, so this material can usually be installed without worrying about additional support. The top and bottom rails dowel to the balusters, so installation is quick and easy. GFRS balustrade is also extremely tough. It won't rot or rust, and GFRS balustrade is completely impervious to water or acids.

Perhaps the biggest advantage of GFRS balustrade is its attractive appearance. Most people cannot tell the difference between GFRS and real limestone just by looking, and our use of molds ensures that your GFRS balustrade will have a flawless and consistent appearance. When you're ready to find out more about this versatile and innovative material developed by Lyndon Stromberg. Once you learn about the many advantages of GFRS balustrade, we think you'll be glad you did.

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