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Rise to the occasion on StageRight’s NEW Dual Rise Telescopic Seating Riser system.

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TeleMatic 100DX2 Telescopic Riser

Rise to the occasion on StageRight’s NEW Dual Rise Telescopic Seating Riser system.

Product Features

Premium Fan Seating Experience

The same rock solid, composite core decks - a hallmark of all StageRight products - can be found in the new Telematic 100DX2 providing the look and feel of a permanent seating structure for your premium ticket holders. The deck design accommodates the beam mounted Integra chair and the nose mounted Millennium chair from Irwin Seating Company, or folding chairs from any number of manufacturers.

Fastest Event Change Over Time

StageRight’s Telematic™ 100DX2 Dual Rise design eliminates the need for multiple riser systems to accommodate both hockey and basketball configurations.

Minimal Storage Requirement

Save valuable storage space in your venue by utilizing one riser system for all your events.

Laser Guided

For repeatable deployment and enhanced dependability, StageRight Telematics feature laser-guided drive systems. Twin SmartDrives steer the riser with laser point accuracy every time; no binding or misaligned deployment.

Excellent ROI

StageRight risers are solid, dependable, and built to last, which translates into a solid return on your investment year after year.

Additional Features

Structural panel decking system

Self-adjusting vertical closure panels

LED Aisle Lighting

Concealed drive system

Easy-access control system

Backup control system

24 hour customer support

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