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Spectra-Glaze® Block is a lightweight, modular concrete block with a glazed face permanently and integrally molded and bonded directly onto one or more surfaces of the raw concrete block prior to shipment to the job site. It provides many superior traditional and green benefits and performance...

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Spectra-Glaze® Glazed Concrete Block

Spectra-Glaze® Glazed Concrete Block

Spectra-Glaze® Block is a lightweight, modular concrete block with a glazed face permanently and integrally molded and bonded directly onto one or more surfaces of the raw concrete block prior to shipment to the job site. It provides many superior traditional and green benefits and performance enhancements. Compared to paint, facing tile, and many other structural and decorative wall materials, Spectra-Glaze® Block provides excellent performance and economy. The glaze is integrally molded to the raw concrete block under controlled factory conditions in a unique and proprietary hi-tech manufacturing process. It is not subject to the variables of on-site application of sprayed and glued-on finishes, and offers Fire Rated, Impervious Surfaces that are easy to clean and economical. It provides patented, durable, and safe curved and mitered corners unique to interlocking Spectra-Glaze® Block wall systems.

Spectra-Glaze® Block will allow you to enjoy design opportunities including a wide choice of color, texture, form, scale and pattern. The glazed finish provides excellent resistance to soiling, chemicals, marking, impact, abrasion, urine, blood, radiation, and acid rain.

These concrete blocks are fire safe and non-toxic. They meet all national building codes and meet U.S.D.A., OSHA, ASTM and military and government requirements for concrete block and decorative, sanitary walls. This wall material, which has been used in buildings and residences in many parts of the world for over 40 years, provides the outstanding durability, fire resistance, insulation, sound control and all other constructional advantages of concrete masonry. With Spectra-Glaze® Block, you build and finish as you lay the block wall, saving time and money. Because it provides the benefits of a permanent, low-maintenance, sanitary surface, operational and life cycle costs are also reduced and LEED credits for building sustainability are enhanced. Spectra-Glaze® Block has been satisfying design needs in all kinds of buildings on three continents for over 40 years.

Design Advantages of Spectra-Glaze® Block

Spectra-Glaze Block provides for architectural creativity and design flexibility through with:

  • Color
  • Texture
  • Form
  • Appearance
  • Performance
  • Economy
  • Scale
  • Shape
  • Design
  • Safety
  • Sustainability
  • LEED Credits


Designing walls with this proven, durable material offers flexibility of limitless colors, from bright to muted, and from natural marble to brick. Spectra-Glaze® Block has developed a line of 80 standard colors. The satin finish of Spectra-Glaze® Block can be matched to practically anything. Just tell us what you need and we will do the rest. Colors are tested via 12-month exterior evaluation in the severe Florida sun by the South Florida Test Service, Inc. and standard colors are tested for and meet ASTM C 744 including 500 hours of Weatherometer exposure. The best colors for exterior use are whites and pastels which have been marked with an asterisk (*) on the color page of the Spectra-Glaze® Catalog. As with all pigments, some uniform change may occur on the exterior.


The variegated tooled leather finish of Sahara™ and other raised surface effects provide variation on a design theme and textured appearance. Consult your regional manufacturer for local availability.


Flared edges, ribbed or faceted faces, engraved faces and two-toned face appearance can be economically achieved with Spectra-Glaze® Block. Consult your regional manufacturer for local availability.


The glazed block provides a decorative surface that enables you to build a structural wall and finish it in the same step. It is available in a unlimited array of standard and custom colors and maintains a crisp, clean appearance over the years without refinishing.


Spectra-Glaze block provides all of the durability, strength, stain resistance and ease of cleaning specified by ASTM C-744.


Because you can build and finish the wall in one labor saving step and don’t need a back-up wall, fewer materials and trades are needed. Construction is accelerated and money saved by the elimination of finishing trades and a trade to build the back-up wall that are required when traditional glazed tile or stone veneer panels were used. Life cycle economy is achieved because the walls don’t require repainting, provide heat saving thermal mass, structural integrity and accommodate extra insulation. The fire resistance of concrete masonry generally reduces initial and life-cycle insurance costs.


Spectra-Glaze® Block can be ordered in 8x16, 12x12, 16x16 and other standard or cut sizes. In some parts of the country sizes up to 16x24 and 12x24 can be manufactured. Metric units are also available in some regions of the USA. Special effects in scale can be achieved with oversize 12x12 and 16x16 block. Creating extra joints in 8x16 units can be done to reduce scale. The 8x16 Scored face patterns include but are not limited to 4x4, 8x8, 4x8, and 5x8 inch patterns. When using scored units, all structural joints are raked back at least ¼ inch. Be sure to tuck-point natural mortar joints and scored joints at the same time. When stack bond appearance is selected with scored units, use stack bond construction.


Raised ribs and other high relief contours as well as Luna faces provide style, shadows, highlights and relief. Unique appearances can be achieved by using Cove Base and other special shapes vertically to create a sculptured effect.


Design and pattern opportunities abound through the use of custom colors and curvilinear block. Varieties in wall scale can be achieved using scored blocks, large block up to 16x24 sculptured faces and unusual shapes.


Safety is in the forefront of our advanced corner design choices including rounded and soft corners that reduce people injuries, cart collisions and worker’s compensation claims. Our florescent surface charged, self-illuminating surfaces and signage engraved into the glaze can provide arrows or assistance in exiting buildings during power failures, fire, and terrorist attacks.


The building life is enhanced through the durability and strength of concrete block construction and the permanence of the interlocking glaze that becomes part of the block, eliminating peeling and spalling. Repainting is unnecessary and the coating provides sanitary surfaces that help prevent the spread of diseases since it is impervious.

LEED Credits

LEED credits are made possible through sustainability, energy savings, reduced VOC, recycled content of block and use of local materials.

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