Specified Technologies, Inc. -Series 33 Fire Rated Pathway

Series 33 Fire Rated Pathway

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Series 33 Fire Rated Pathway

The EZ-Path® Series 33 Fire-Rated Pathway is a maintenance-free pathway solution for moderate cable volumes through fire-rated walls and floors. The Series 33 incorporates built-in intumescent pads that automatically adjust to cable fills. When exposed to flame and high temperatures, the intumescent pads expand to form a dense insulative char that prevent the passage of smoke and flame.

  • Self Sealing design providing exceptional F&L Ratings
  • Designed for New and Existing conditions
  • Full Suite of plate configurations for any field scenario
  • Available in an array of colors for easy cable pathway management
  • Allows for easy Moves, Adds, and Changes

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Ordering Information
Item #Case Qty. (min)UPC # 730573Description
EZD33FWS600004Fire-Rated Pathway Device
EZDP33FWS100034Square Kit – Device with square wall plate kit
EZDP133CWK100035Circular Kit – Device with circular wall plate kit
EZD33E100005Extension Module
EZDP33WR100533Retro-Fit Kit – Device with retro-fit wall mounting plate kit
EZDP133FK100835Kick in Kit – Device with split floor kit
EZDP233GK100235Two-Gang Kit – Two (2) devices with two-gang plate kit
EZDP333GK100335Three-Gang Kit – Three (3) devices with three-gang plate kit
EZDP433GK100435Four-Gang Kit – Four (4) devices with four-gang plate kit
EZDP433GK-C100436Color Coded Four-Gang Kit Four (4) Devices (1-orange, 1-blue, 1-yellow, 1-white) with four-gang plate kit
EZDP733GK100735Seven-Gang Kit – Seven (7) devices with seven-gang plate kit
EZDP133CAK100036Conduit Attachment Kit-Device with conduit attachment plate kit
EZP133CW100137Circular Wall Plate Kit
EZP133W100133Square Wall Plate Kit
EZP233W100233Two-Gang Wall Plate Kit
EZP333W100333Three-Gang Wall Plate Kit
EZP433W10433Four-Gang Wall Plate Kit
EZP733W100733Seven-Gang Wall Plate Kit
EZP133PC100135One Pair (2) Positioning Clamps
EZP133K600833Kick-In Floor Plate Kit – (For use with floor applications)
EZP133R100535Retro-Fit Mounting Plate Kit
EZP133CA100138Conduit Attachment Plate Kit
RCM33100933One Pair (2) Radius Control Modules
Physical Properties
Shell Composition0.059” Gal. Steel (1.5 mm)
Cable Loading Area6 sq. in. (nom.) 39 cm2
Allowable Cable Fill100% Visual
Wall Area Required (ft2 / Device)6.52 (0.61 m2)
Fire Resistance Ratings1,2 3, and 4 Hour
Expansion Begins350º F (177ºC)
Volume Expansion800%
Sample Cable Volume
Cat 6 (0.236" OD)
88 (nom.)
In-Service Temp.-10ºF (-23ºC) - 120ºF (49ºC)
Storage Temp.Less than 120ºF (490C)
Shelf LifeNo Limit