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SSM Firestop Mortar

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SSM Firestop Mortar

SpecSeal® SSM Firestop Mortar is a light-weight cost conscious solution for oversized openings in concrete walls and floors. Once mixed with water, SpecSeal® Mortar forms a light weight, low density slurry that easily applies into concrete walls and floors. SpecSeal® Mortar cures quickly and will not spall or crack due to freeing or changes in temperature.

  • Can be poured, pumped, or troweled in place
  • Partners with other SpecSeal® Firestop Products
  • Durable permanent seal
  • Re-penetrable allowing for future penetrants

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Ordering Information
Item #Case Qty. (min)Qty.UPC # 730573DescriptionWeight
SSM106n/a14106Mortar 6 gal. Pail (22 Lbs., 10 Kilos)24 lbs (10.88 kg)
SSM22Bn/a14200Mortar Bag (22 Lbs., 10 Kilos)23 lbs (10.43 kg)
Physical Properties
Color:Pale Red
Flame Spread:0
Smoke Developed:5
Odor:No perceptible odor
Density (as shipped):Bulk approx. .45 – .55
Density Mixed (wet) :.80g/L ± .03 (6.4 – 6.9 lb./gal.)
Density (dry mortar) :.65 g/L (5.4 lb./gal., 40.5 lb./cu. ft.)
Ratio Water/Mortar:14.3/22 to 17.6/22
Yield (per 22 lb.):1,250 – 1,425 cu. in. (20.5 - 23.4 L)
Shelf Life:No Limit
Application Temperature:35°F – 100°F (2°C - 38°C)
Open Time:30 Minutes working time