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LC Endothermic Firestop Sealant

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LC Endothermic Firestop Sealant

SpecSeal® LC Endothermic Sealant is a latex-based gun grade firestop sealant for construction joints and non-combustible penetrations. After application, LC Sealant cures to form a flexible seal against the propagation of fire. Under fire exposure, LC absorbs heat and release water vapor resisting the progress of smoke and flame.

  • Installer Friendly, easily applied with standard caulking gun
  • Can be troweled on for larger applications
  • Tested for up to 4 Hours of fire resistance when tested to ASTM E1966/UL2079, ASTM E814/UL1479, and CAN/ULC-S115
  • Listed in over 80 UL® Tested Firestop Systems!

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Ordering Information
Item #UPC # 730573Case Qty. (min)Qty.DescriptionWeight
LC150113012110.1 oz. Tube (18.2 Cu. In., 300 ml).94 lbs (.42 kg)
LC1551135n/a15 gal. Pail (1155 Cu. In.,19.0 L)58 lbs (26.3 kg)
LC120113312120 oz. Sausage (36 Cu. In., 592 ml)2.66 lbs (1.21 kg)
LC129113112129 oz. Tube (52 Cu. In., 858 ml)2.66 lbs (1.21 kg)
Physical Properties
OdorMild Latex
Density11.4 lbs/gal (1.36 kg/L)
Solids Content by Weight80%
Solids Content by Volume74.3%
pH7.4 to 8.4
In-Service Temperature≤185˚ F ( ≤ 85˚ C)
Storage Temperature40˚F (4˚C) - 95˚F (35˚C)
Flame Spread0
Smoke Developed10
Movement+/- 12.5% or 25% in compression only
STC Rating61 (Relates to specific construction) (ASTM E 90-04/ASTM C919)
VOC Content (EPA Method 24/ASTM D3960)0.50 lb/gal (60 g/liter)
Shelf Life2 Years