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The EZ Path Series 44+ Fire-Rated Pathway is designed for high cable volume conditions through fire-rated walls and floors while eliminating the burden of ongoing maintenance.

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EZ Path Series 44+ Fire-Rated Pathway

The EZ Path Series 44+ Fire-Rated Pathway is designed for high cable volume conditions through fire-rated walls and floors while eliminating the burden of ongoing maintenance. The Series 44+ incorporates self-sealing intumescent pads that automatically adjust to the installed cable fill without the need for user manipulation. Under fire exposure, the intumescent pads expand and swell resisting the passage of smoke and flame.


  • Self Sealing design provides exceptional fire and smoke leakage ratings
  • Allows for easy Moves, Adds, and Changes
  • Designed for New and Existing conditions
  • Variety of accessories available for any field condition
  • Modular grid system for riser applications
  • Greatest achievable cable density of any solution on the market

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Physical Properties
Shell Composition0.059" Galvanized Steel (1.5 mm)
Cable Loading Area12.66 sq in (81.7 sq cm) 3 3⁄8" x 3 3⁄4" (86 mm x 95 mm)
Allowable Cable Fill0% to 100% Visual
Fire Resistance Ratings1, 2, 3 and 4 hour
Expansion Begins350°F (177°C)
Volume Expansion15x
Sample Cable Volume - Cat 6(0.236" OD) 210 (nom.)
In Service Temperature-10°F (-23°C) - 120°F (49°C)
Storage TemperatureLess than 120°F (49°C)
Shelf LifeNo Limit
Ordering Information
Catalog NumberUPC NumberDescription
EZD44S2730573001004Fire-Rated Pathway Device
EZDP44S2730573001066Fire-Rated Pathway Kit - Device with wall plates and labels
EZP144W730573001448Single Wall Plates and Labels
EZDP144RS2730573001073Split Wall Plate - Device with split wall plate and labels
EZP144RS730573001486Split Wall Plate - Plate only
EZDP144FKS2730573001080Floor Kit - Device with floor plate
EZP144F730573008348Split Floor Plate - Plate only
EZP544W730573005446Multi-gang wall plate brackets for 1-5 devices
EZP544WD730573005460Multi-gang wall plate brackets for 2-10 devices
EZP644W730573006481Multi-gang wall plate brackets for 6 devices
EZP644WD730573006573Multi-gang wall plate brackets for 12 devices
EZP544WV730573005477Vertical Multi-Gang Wall Bracket Kit for 1-5 devices
EZDG444S2730573001103Single Bank Floor Grid - Four (4) Devices with floor frame
EZG444730573004433Single-Slot Frame for Four (4) Pathways
EZDG844S2730573001110Dual-slot Frame Kit with 8 Pathways - (Includes eight (8) Series 44+ devices with EZG844)
EZG844730573008447Dual-Slot Frame for Eight (8) Pathways
EZDG1644S2730573001127Quad-slot Frame Kit with 16 Pathways - (Includes sixteen (16) Series 44+ devices with EZG1644)
EZG1644730573006443Multi-Slot Frame for Sixteen (16) Pathways
EZG444CP730573004494Floor Grid Splice Plate Kit - includes plate and gasket
EZD444MBS2730573001097Single Bank of Devices - Four (4) Devices with hanger bracket
EZP444MB730573004487Hanger Bracket for Modular Floor Grid System
TRK444730573004463T-Rating Kit
EZD44ES7305730006946” Extension Module - use with Series 44+ pathway ONLY
EZRCM44S730573009345Radius Control Module - one pair (2) for use with Series 44+ pathway ONLY