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EZ-Path® Smoke and Acoustical Ceiling Pathway

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EZ-Path® Smoke and Acoustical Ceiling Pathway

EZ-Path® Smoke & Acoustical Pathway with ceiling kit is a pathway device designed to allow cables to penetrate non-rated ceilings without the need for smoke sealing. This device features a built-in smoke sealing system that automatically adjusts to the amount of cables installed. Once installed in a ceiling, cables can be easily added or removed at any time without the need to remove or reinstall caulking materials.

Its unique profile allows a maximum number of cables to be installed in a relatively small area. The pathway measures approximately 4.5″ (114 mm) x 4.5″ (114 mm) and is adjustable to accommodate ceiling tile thicknesses.

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Ordering Information
Item #Case Qty. (min)Qty.UPC # 730573DescriptionWeight
NEZ33CK4111167EZ Path Smoke and Acoustical Pathway with Ceiling Kit1.68 lbs
Physical Properties
Shell CompositionV-O High Impact ABS/PC Thermoplastic
Seal & CurtainFlame Retardant Neoprene Rubber
Cable Loading Area6.7 in2
Allowable Cable Fill0 - 100%
Ceiling Area Required (ft2 / Device).167 ft2
In-Service Temp.-30ºF - 130ºF