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Southern Bleacher stadiums are built to last, but when you do need the occasional end cap, attachment clip or sleeve, we've got you covered.

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Southern Bleacher Company, Inc.
801 Fifth Street
Graham, TX 76450
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Aluminum Bleacher Parts & Products from Southern Bleacher

Southern Bleacher stadiums are built to last, but when you do need the occasional end cap, attachment clip or sleeve, we've got you covered.

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Product Parts

Backrest Endcap

Cast endcap used on anodized aluminum backrest

Channel Endcap

Anodized seat endcaps used at aisles and at end of seat plank

Floor Flange for Hand Rail

Cast Aluminum used for connecting handrail to aluminum or concrete

Hold Down Clip Assembly

Mill finish aluminum clip for connecting aluminum to structure

Off Set Handrail Bracket

Aluminum extrusion used for handrail connected to rail riser

Row Letters

Decal with Black Lettering on Aluminum Field

Plank Endcap

RS Seat endcap used for seat plank

Seat Numbers

Decal with Black Lettering on Aluminum Field

Standard Sleeve

Mill finish aluminum to connect aluminum plank seats and treads

Anchor Bolt Template

Setting of Anchor Bolts

Headed Anchor Bolt

Connection Hardware to Anchor Steel to Concrete Foundations

Double Splice Plate

Making Various Connections to Aluminum Deck

Clevis Nut

Securing Rod Sway Braces

Angle End Cap

Trim Hardware for Aluminum Deck

1-5/8" O.D. Rail

With Fence, Guard-Rail and Hand-Rail

Schedule 40 Pipe

Hand-Rails, Special Fabricated Rail

No. 11E Tee

Guard-Rail, Fencing

No. 9 Side Outlet Ell

Guard-Rail, Fencing

Swivel Elbow

Guard-Rail, Fencing

"U" Clamp

Fastening Hand-Rail to Bleacher Risers

Backrest Splice Hold Down Clip (with carriage screw and flange nut)

Securing Splices Along Backrest Plank

No. 3EII 90 Degree External Elbow

Guard Rail , Fencing

Internal Handrail Elbow

Internal Continuous Rail

Backrest Clip Assembly

Attach Backrest Aluminum to Structure

No. 43 Single Bolt Floor

Secure Handrails at Terminations onto Concrete

Hillside Washer

Sway-rod Bracing

No. 5E Tee

Guard Rail , Fencing

A325 Structural Bolt w/Flat Washer, Lock Washer, and A325 Heavy Hex Nut

Steel Connections

Internal Pipe Sleeve

Splicing Rail for Guard Rail Fencing

Rail Plug w/1-5/8" O.D. Aluminum Rail

End Covers at Pipe Terminations

Interlock Sleeve

Splice Aluminum Planks in Continuous Direction

No. 45 Four Hole Floor Flange

Secure Handrails / Rails at Terminations on Aluminum Decking

Wire Tie

Secure Fence to Rail / Pipe

KL Nut

Secure Seat Brackets, Half Steps, other Components in Interlock or Tongue and Groove Channels

A325 Heavy Hex Nut

Connect Structural Steel and other Components with Bolt

Drive Rivet - aka "Pin Grip"

Connect Hardware to Aluminum Deck with use of Hammer

Flat Washer

Used Primarily with Structural Bolt to Connect Steel

Self Tapping Screw

Special Connections into Steel Material

A325 Structural Bolt w/shoulder

Connecting Structural Steel

Concrete Wedge Anchor (with flat washer and hex nut)

Securing Steel Components to Concrete Slabs/Piers

Carriage Bolt with Flat Washer and Hex Nut

Connecting Hardware (Fencing, Guard Railing, etc….)

Carriage bolt with hex head flange nut

Connecting Hold Down Clip to Aluminum Decking

Self Tapping Tek Screw

Securing Hardware to Aluminum or Steel

Lock Washer

Used with Structural and Non - Structural Hardware

Pop Rivet

Secure Hardware / Parts to Aluminum

Threaded Rod with Flat Washer, Hex Nut, and Epoxy

Holes are Drilled into Concrete for anchors.