Smartbar™ -Standard Smartbar Brushed Stainless Steel Bar with Charcoal Mounts and Charcoal Domed Bar Caps


Smartbar™ is the first real innovation in grab bar technology in decades. A stylish alternative to institutional looking grab bars that install simply with Easymount™, a unique patented single fastener mounting system.

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Standard Smartbar Brushed Stainless Steel Bar with Charcoal Mounts and Charcoal Domed Bar Caps

Stylish and Elegant Design that Complements Any Décor

Smartbar™ is a sleek alternative to institutional looking grab bars. Currently available in brushed finish with several bar cap styles, you can select the look that suits your taste and décor. Special finishes and colors are available, all reasonably priced with quick lead times.

Easy to Install with Easymount™ Technology

Easymount™ technology is a single point fastening system that provides the installer the simplicity of securing each grab bar mount with one easy-to-install fastener. Easymount™ can be mounted from the front like a standard grab bar, but also mounts from the rear (as in lavatory partition), or back-to-back (to mount two grab bars on opposite sides of a partition) with standard tools. No templates are required, and there is no struggling with hole alignment. When a stud is available, no pre-drilling is necessary.

Adaptable to Any Length

The Smartbar™ grab bar is available in stock lengths ranging from 12”-48” and is also available in 1” increments from 12” to 96”. Non-stock lengths can ship within two days.

Competitively Priced

Smartbar™ has the look, feel and quality of high priced designer grab bars at prices much closer to “institutional” looking grab bars.

Designed and Manufactured in the USA

Keeping to our roots, Smartbar™ was developed and currently manufactured in Northeast Ohio by a team of engineers with a passion for design and a keen sense of customer needs.

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