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MegaDeck® HD Supports the Heaviest Loads Over the Toughest Terrain in the Most Challenging Environments.

MegaDeck® HD composite matting is the strongest, best engineered interlocking panel system on the market today.

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MegaDeck® HD Heavy Duty Composite Matting

MegaDeck® HD Supports the Heaviest Loads Over the Toughest Terrain in the Most Challenging Environments.

MegaDeck® HD composite matting is the strongest, best engineered interlocking panel system on the market today. MegaDeck HD, heavy-duty composite mats are designed specifically for high-traffic work sites, such as power transmission, oil rigs, and construction sites. MegaDeck HD creates a stable platform or portable roadway anywhere in the world, regardless of climate or terrain.

Innovative Engineering Design for Superior Performance and Durability

MegaDeck HD construction mats are manufactured in the United States using a proprietary blend of High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) and special impact modifiers to accommodate thermal expansion, UV resistance, anti-static properties, and tremendous strength. A unique process ensures all plastic is completely melted then molded, preventing micro-fissures and inconsistencies. A hollow ribbed interior provides superior performance over soft ground with a low California Bearing Ratio (CBR).

The world’s strongest construction mats are fully modular and can be interconnected in multiple directions to form large work areas, passing lanes, turns, and a variety of other platform and roadway configurations. These rugged composite mats will not rot, degrade, or warp, which allows for long-term installations and many years of reuse.

Save time and money with Signature’s high-quality composite mats.
  • Faster installation times compared to wood mats
  • Composite mats last up to 10 years
  • 12 inch flange guides mats into place
  • Quick lock-and-go connections
  • Save time and money on shipping with more mats per truckload than 3-ply wood mats
  • Protect your equipment and minimize wear and tear

Overlapping Flanges Make Installation Fast and Easy

MegaDeck HD’s dual-sided design allows for ease of installation and versatility. Mats are laid together seamlessly due to their 12 inch flanges, which guide the mat into place. Once in place, mats are locked together to form a solid non-shifting surface.

This heavy-duty overlapping flange system allows adjacent mats’ flanges to nest for additional strength and rigidity. MegaDeck HD is strongest at its connection points, and the small space between mat surfaces helps to direct rainwater runoff.

New S2 Lock™ Holds Tight in Extreme Conditions

The S2 Lock saves time with one-person lock/unlock. This strong locking system provides secure connection of mats on heavy duty job sites.

Safer Working Environment with Optimized Traction Pattern

MegaDeck HD access mats feature an optimized anti-slip traction pattern, molded into the top surface, that allows personnel, vehicles, and tracked equipment to work safely in any environment or terrain.

MegaDeck HD Works Where You Work

MegaDeck HD composite rig mats are designed to be used with no ground preparation over grass, gravel, soil, concrete, asphalt, mud and sandy soil conditions. However, it is recommended that terrain be filled and smoothed as much as possible and that a geotextile barrier be used in wet and/or hazardous situations.

Protect the Environment and Prevent Cross Contamination

MegaDeck HD is an environmentally-friendly composite mat that will not absorb or retain harmful chemicals or invasive species, and thus will not transfer contaminants to other jobsites or storage facilities. The MegaDeck HD non-toxic material protects vegetation and will control soil compaction, saving costly reconstruction efforts afterward.

3-D Product Viewer

MegaDeck HD is the most advanced engineering construction mat in the world.

The Signature Advantages
  • Superior Weight-Bearing Capacity: MegaDeck HD composite mats have a weight-bearing capacity of up to 600 psi / 86,400 lbs. per sq. ft.
  • Non-Conductive: MegaDeck HD composite materials are inert, providing a non-conductive safe working platform.
  • Strong Support Structure: MegaDeck HD’s cross-ribbed interior distributes weight across the entire panel. These mats are not intended for bridging.
  • Better than Wood: Unlike plywood, MegaDeck HD will not warp, rot, crack, or delaminate, and contains no unsafe chemicals.
  • Maximum Shipping Efficiency: MegaDeck HD mats are properly sized to easily ship 40 mats in standard ISO containers and flatbed trailers.
  • Effective Inventory Control: Each MegaDeck HD mat is marked with a unique serial number, making inventory control easier. RFID chips are incorporated into the core of every mat during the manufacturing process for fast, efficient scanning.
  • Easy Cleaning: MegaDeck HD mats can be cleaned using a high-powered pressure washer. Most commercial cleaning agents will not damage the surface, but consideration should be given to environmental concerns.
  • Compatible with Other Composite Mats: MegaDeck HD mats are 100% compatible with the original MegaDeck mats and can be used with other composite matting products.
  • Flammability Resistance: UL-94 HB Rating.
MegaDeck®HD Provides Solutions for:
  • Transmission & Distribution
  • Pipeline Installation
  • General Construction
  • Trenching & Shoring
  • Special Events
  • Landscaping
  • Heavy Haul / Cranes
  • Environmental Remediation
  • Military & Disaster Relief

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Actual Size7.5' (L) x 14' (W) x 4"
2.3 m (L) x 4.3 m (W) x 10 cm
Usable Platform6.5' (L) x 13' (W) x 4"
2 m (L) x 4 m (W) x 10 cm
Weight1,095 lbs. (497 kg)
Weight Load600 lbs. / sq. in.
Shipping Info40 mats per standard 40' shipping container or 53' truck