Shield Roof Solutions -PODROOF® Shipping Container Covers - Model CCSS


Standing seam panels, 1′ overhangs on long sides only, measures 20′ length x 10′ width. Solar panels can attach to the roof panels.

Category: buildings | integrated construction | pre-engineered buildings...

MasterFormat: Special Structures | Fabricated Engineered Structures | Fabricated Structures...

Shield Roof Solutions
920 E. Oak Street, Unit 4
Lake In the Hills, IL 60156
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PODROOF® Shipping Container Covers - Model CCSS

Container Roof Kits

Containers with a roof kit system are able to withstand harsh weather conditions. Container roof kits provide an additional layer of protection for your materials, tools, or anything else you may be storing. Select from the two models below or customize your roofing kit today!


Container Covers

The Container Cover Collection offered at Shield Roof Solutions will add an additional layer of protection for all your extremely valuable materials and tools stored inside a container. Select from a variety of color options to match your business colors.

  • Water Resistant
  • UV Resistant
  • All Metal Frame Material
  • Supports are adjustable to fit a variety of patios
  • Low Mantaince
  • Easy Clean Up
  • Protection from UV Rays
  • Polycarbonate Roof Panels
  • All Laser Cut
  • Steel Support Arms
  • Protection from Inclement Weather
  • Long Lasting Materials

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