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Dedicated ProMar® 400 customers now have the perfect option for jobs with distinct VOC compliance requirements.

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ProMar 400 Zero VOC Interior Latex

Dedicated ProMar® 400 customers now have the perfect option for jobs with distinct VOC compliance requirements. ProMar 400 Zero VOC Interior Latex Paint has all the quality, efficiency and dependable features you rely on - including good hide and touch up, but it also offers the added advantage of having zero VOCs.

Product Details

  • Meets the most stringent VOC requirements.
  • Delivers good hide and reliable touch-up to minimize call backs
  • Applies quickly and easily so you can turn jobs fast and save time and money.
  • Ideal for commercial, specifiers, property managers and new residential builders looking for trusted performance and value.
  • Suitable for drywall, masonry, plaster, metal, wood and concrete.
  • Available in flat, low sheen, eg-shel, and semi-gloss in a wide range of colors.

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Product Specifications
Product #Sales NumberContainer SizeSheenBase
B30HB61486508628405 GallonFlatWool Skein
B30HB04536509661125 GallonFlatWool Skein
B30W046046504153001 GallonFlatAntique White
B30W046046504153185 GallonFlatAntique White
B30B046006503628411 GallonFlatBlack
B30B046006503628585 GallonFlatBlack
B30W046516503627831 GallonFlatExtra White
B30W046516503628175 GallonFlatExtra White
B30W046536503628251 GallonFlatDeep Base
B30W046536503628335 GallonFlatDeep Base
B30W046066504153345 GallonFlatDover White
B24W046516503628661 GallonLow SheenExtra White
B24W046516503628745 GallonLow SheenExtra White
B24W046536503628821 GallonLow SheenDeep Base
B24W046536503628905 GallonLow SheenDeep Base
B20W046516503629081 GallonEg-ShelExtra White
B20W046516503629165 GallonEg-ShelExtra White
B20W046046504153595 GallonEg-ShelAntique White
B20W046536503629321 GallonEg-ShelDeep Base
B20W046536503629405 GallonEg-ShelDeep Base
B20W046066504153755 GallonEg-ShelDover White
B31W046046504153831 GallonSemi-GlossAntique White
B31W046046504153915 GallonSemi-GlossAntique White
B31W046536503629731 GallonSemi-GlossDeep Base
B31W046536503629815 GallonSemi-GlossDeep Base
B31W046066504154175 GallonSemi-GlossDover White
B31W046516503629571 GallonSemi-GlossExtra White
B31W046516503629655 GallonSemi-GlossExtra White
B21W046516508798931 GallonGlossExtra White
B21W046516508799015 GallonGlossExtra White