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Property Solution™ is your all-in-one painting solution. Managing your multi-family units presents more than a few challenges keeping up with VOC regulations, keeping costs under control, keeping deadlines met and keeping units turning.. . just to name a few.

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Property Solution Interior Latex

Property Solution™ is your all-in-one painting solution. Managing your multi-family units presents more than a few challenges keeping up with VOC regulations, keeping costs under control, keeping deadlines met and keeping units turning.. . just to name a few. Fortunately that when it comes to paint you choose for your properties, theres an easy solution for meeting all those requirements.

  • Meets the most stringent VOC regulations.
  • Applies quickly and easily by brush, roller or spray requiring minimal effort for a faster turn.
  • Delivers good hide, flow and leveling resulting in a uniform final appearance.
  • Extremely easy to maintain - withstanding mild scrubbing, resisting burnishing and providing very good touchup.
  • Available in a wide range of neutral and pastel colors from our palette or we can custom tint using our fast and accurate SherColor™ matching technology.
  • Ideal for multi-family interiors including new construction, remodels and maintenance painting.

Although we've taken local and national VOC (volatile organic compound) regulations into consideration, such as the Ozone Transport Commission Specifications (OTC), because these regulations vary greatly around the U.S. and are subject to change, we suggest verifying that product selections meet the requirements of the area in which they are to be used.

  • LEED® and other Green Program Specifications
  • Division 9 and 7 Finishing Guides
  • Standard Specifications
  • Ozone Transport Commission (OTC) Specifications
  • CARB

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Product Specifications
Product #Sales NumberContainer SizeSheenBase
B30W030516505218591 GallonFlatExtra White
B30W030516505218675 GallonFlatExtra White
B30W030536502773201 GallonFlatDeep Base
B30W030536502773385 GallonFlatDeep Base
B30W030506501092345 GallonFlatWhite
B30W030506501092261 GallonFlatWhite
B20W030536502773461 GallonEg-ShelDeep Base
B20W030536502773535 GallonEg-ShelDeep Base
B20W030506501092595 GallonEg-ShelWhite
B20W030506501092421 GallonEg-ShelWhite
B31W030606504174395 GallonSemi-GlossWhite Base
B31W030606504174131 GallonSemi-GlossWhite
B31W030536502773611 GallonSemi-GlossDeep Base
B31W030536502773795 GallonSemi-GlossDeep Base
B31W030516509024891 GallonSemi-GlossExtra White
B31W030516509025475 GallonSemi-GlossExtra White
B20H161266504063095 GallonEg-ShelSW6126
B30WF35276509974895 GallonFlatSW7011
B30H071046510029415 GallonFlatSW7104
B30H000076506923381 GallonFlatDesert Sand
B30H060716508309955 GallonFlatSW6071
B30H470296508445335 GallonFlatAgreeable Gray
B30H000086508464885 GallonFlatSouthwood Realty Shell White
B30H470496508499795 GallonFlatSW7049
B30H170376508500275 GallonFlatBalanced Beige
B30H070286508578575 GallonFlatSW7028
B30H070126508610815 GallonFlatSW7012
B30H170286508614045 GallonFlatSW7028
B20H000026508631865 GallonEg-ShelCrowne Birch Run
B30W130506508689615 GallonFlatViera Builders
B30H010436508716355 GallonFlatCLW1043W Fossil Dust
B30WF30806508720475 GallonFlatWhite Duck
B30H170096508727165 GallonFlatPearly White
B30WB06296508732191 GallonFlatMandy Management Units Beige
B31WB06296508732271 GallonSemi-GlossMandy Management Units Beige
B30H476266508736315 GallonFlatSW7626
B20WF30616508755945 GallonEg-ShelBM1472 Silver Chain
B30H870296508764365 GallonFlatAgreeable Gray
B30H887366508767825 GallonFlatSW7036
B30H570356508780515 GallonFlatN/A
B30WB06306508809585 GallonFlatDover White
B30H170506508810895 GallonFlatUseful Gray
B20WF30636508834165 GallonEg-ShelN/A
B30H000096508836225 GallonFlatAesthetic White
B30H987366508849275 GallonFlatSW7036
B30WB09176508858585 GallonFlatShell White
B30WB09186508858665 GallonFlatBone White
B30WB09196508858745 GallonFlatAntique White
B20WJ305065088620355 GallonEg-ShelN/A
B30H170306508864505 GallonFlatSW7030
B31WB09176508885145 GallonSemi-GlossShell White
B31WB09016508885225 GallonSemi-Gloss901 White
B20WB70256508889935 GallonEg-ShelNavajo White
B30H070146508891735 GallonFlatSW7014
B31WB09176508897281 GallonSemi-GlossShell White
B30H175696508913105 GallonFlatStucco
B30H670296508921445 GallonFlatSW7029
B30H061476508945205 GallonFlatSW6147
B31WB09196508958161 GallonSemi-GlossDU 919 Antique White
B30H361056508997355 GallonFlatSW6105 Divine White
B30H110366509009135 GallonFlatAccessible Beige
B30H970296509009545 GallonFlatAgreeable Gray
B30H000116509023645 GallonFlatAntique White
B30H461056509055815 GallonFlatSW6105 Divine White
B30WB06316509090705 GallonFlatSW7042 Shoji White
B30H070426509112745 GallonFlatSW7042 Shoji White
B30H470436509113655 GallonFlatSW7043
B30WJ34146509114645 GallonFlatToasted Almond
B30H001406509120745 GallonFlatSW6140
B30WB06326509131635 GallonFlatUCH Oyster White
B30H076326509150105 GallonFlatSW7632
B30H070386509151925 GallonFlatSW7038
B30H175276509204325 GallonFlatSW7527
B30H770296509232045 GallonFlatAgreeable Gray
B30H000136509275775 GallonFlatSW7043 Worldy Gray
B30WB06336509287655 GallonFlatAesthetic White
B30H075166509325105 GallonFlatSW7516
B30HOC1176509325285 GallonFlatOC-117 Simply White
B20HHC1726509325365 GallonEg-ShelHC-172 Revere Pewter
B20H0OC486509325935 GallonEg-ShelOC-48 Hazy Skies
B20H0OC326509326015 GallonEg-ShelOC-32 Tapestry Beige
B30WB06596509340525 GallonFlatKestrel White
B30WF31106509361235 GallonFlatRhinestone
B20WF31106509361495 GallonEg-ShelSW7656 Rhinestone
B30H070156509368265 GallonFlatSW7015 Repose Gray
B30H000306509443175 GallonFlatSW7029
B30WB06616509519575 GallonFlatPrinceton White
B30H170436509531935 GallonFlatSW7043
B30H000186509603135 GallonFlatAntique White
B30H070216509603545 GallonFlatSW7021
B30H176326509621455 GallonFlatN/A
B30H176476509632185 GallonFlatCrushed Ice
B30H070046509632425 GallonFlatSW7004
B30H970356509599435 GallonFlatAesthetic White
B30H001296509645545 GallonFlatSW7029
B30H570436509646465 GallonFlatSW7043