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Painters Edge® Interior Acrylic Latex was designed to give you the edge. Good hide and excellent touchup mean better results, fewer callbacks and satisfied customers.

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Painters Edge Interior Latex

Painters Edge® Interior Acrylic Latex was designed to give you the edge. Good hide and excellent touchup mean better results, fewer callbacks and satisfied customers. Painters Edge® Flat is exceptionally flat, lusterless finish that helps diminish the appearance of minor surface defects. Painters Edge® is also available in Eg-Shel, Semi-Gloss and Gloss for the added convenience of one product for both walls and trims.

Product Details

  • Provides good hide, excellent touchup and spatter-resistant formula
  • Ultra-Flat finish to minimize minor surface defects
  • Also available in Eg-Shel, Semi-Gloss and Gloss
  • Ideal for single or multi-family new construction
  • Good washability compared to standard builder-grade coatings
  • Meets the most stringent VOC regulations
  • Can be custom tinted, or a selection of popular package colors is available for the flat finish to ensure high-volume availability and color uniformity

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Product Specifications
Product #Sales NumberContainer SizeSheenBase
PE30009016505165455 GallonFlat901 Brite White
PE30000176508380971 GallonFlatShell White
PE30009016508495081 GallonFlatBrite White
PE300HC816509091615 GallonFlat
PE30070116509113165 GallonFlatSW7011 Natural Choice
PE30004516509203581 GallonFlatExtra White
PE30004516509203745 GallonFlatExtra White
PE30176266509700235 GallonFlatSW7626
PE30000536505165035 GallonFlatDeep Base
PE30000536505164951 GallonFlatDeep Base
PE30000516505164875 GallonFlatTinting White
PE30000516505164791 GallonFlatTinting White
PE30000186505165375 GallonFlatBone White
PE30070296508334115 GallonFlatAgreeable Gray
PE30082236505167435 GallonFlatSienna Sand
PE30063856505166445 GallonFlatDover White
PE30000176505165525 GallonFlatShell White
PE30009196505165295 GallonFlatDU 919 Antique White
PE30000086505165605 GallonFlatPrinceton White
PE30000066505167685 GallonFlatWhite Shadow
PE30010956506929815 GallonFlatOff White
PE30040706506929735 GallonFlatNorth White
PE30061056505166365 GallonFlatDivine White
PE30082226505166285 GallonFlatDesert Fawn
PE30000076505166025 GallonFlatCool Platinum
PE30000456505167505 GallonFlatSwiss Coffee
PE20000516505187725 GallonEg-ShelExtra White
PE20000516505187641 GallonEg-ShelExtra White
PE20000536505187801 GallonEg-ShelDeep Base
PE20000536505187985 GallonEg-ShelDeep Base
PE31000536505188305 GallonSemi-GlossDeep Base
PE31000536505188221 GallonSemi-GlossDeep Base
PE31000516505188061 GallonSemi-GlossTinting White
PE31000516505188145 GallonSemi-GlossTinting White
PE21000516505188481 GallonGlossExtra White
PE21000516505188555 GallonGlossExtra White
PE30W76316508340885 GallonFlatCity Loft
PE30770156510275005 GallonFlatRepose Gray
PE30176476510295145 GallonFlatCrushed Ice
PE40082216510277165 GallonFlatBotany Beige
PE40082226510277245 GallonFlatDesert Fawn
PE40089206510277325 GallonFlatDU Kilim Beige
PE40082326510277405 GallonFlatLulled Beige
PE40070296510278495 GallonFlatAgreeable Gray
PE40076316510714585 GallonFlatCity Loft
PE40070366510938095 GallonFlatAccessible Beige
PE24001516510756401 GallonHigh Sheen Eg-ShelExtra White
PE24001516510756575 GallonHigh Sheen Eg-ShelExtra White
PE22000516510942601 GallonSatinTinting White
PE22000516510942785 GallonSatinTinting White