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With best-in-class, weather-adaptive technology, Latitude delivers stunning results while keeping projects on track all season long.

Category: commercial paint | high hiding paint | latex paint...

MasterFormat: Painting and Coating | Painting | Exterior Painting

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Latitude Exterior Acrylic Latex Paint

With best-in-class, weather-adaptive technology, Latitude delivers stunning results while keeping projects on track all season long. ClimateFlex Technology combines early moisture resistance, extreme temperature tolerance and a durable finish that protects against peeling, cracking and dirt pickup. Get ideal results, even when the weather isn’t.

  • Resists early moisture in as little as 30 minutes - twice as fast as most exterior coatings
  • Applies smoothly with air, surface, and material temperatures ranging from 35ºF - 120ºF
  • Excellent hide and coverage saves time and materials, boosts all-season productivity
  • Flows easily and levels to a smooth, premium finish - even in extreme temperatures
  • Available in Flat, Satin, Gloss sheens and can be tinted with VinylSafe® Colors. VinylSafe allows you the freedom to choose a limited selection of darker colors formulated to resist warping or buckling when applied to a sound, stable vinyl substrate

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Product Specifications
Product #Sales NumberContainer SizeSheenBase
K60W006516512014361 GallonExtra WhiteFlat
K60T006546512014851 QuartUltradeep BaseFlat
K60T006546512014931 GallonUltradeep BaseFlat
K60T006546512015015 GallonUltradeep BaseFlat
K60W006516512014445 GallonExtra WhiteFlat
K60W006536512014691 GallonDeep BaseFlat
K62T006546512015921 QuartUltradeep BaseSatin
K62T006546512016001 GallonUltradeep BaseSatin
K62T006546512016185 GallonUltradeep BaseSatin
K62W006516512015431 GallonExtra WhiteSatin
K64T006546512016751 QuartUltradeep BaseGloss
K64T006546512016911 GallonUltradeep BaseGloss
K64T006546512017095 GallonUltradeep BaseGloss
K60W006516512014281 QuartExtra WhiteFlat
K60W006536512014511 QuartDeep BaseFlat
K60W006536512014775 GallonDeep BaseFlat
K62W006516512015351 QuartExtra WhiteSatin
K62W006516512015505 GallonExtra WhiteSatin
K62W006536512015681 QuartDeep BaseSatin
K62W006536512015761 GallonDeep BaseSatin
K62W006536512015845 GallonDeep BaseSatin
K64W006516512016261 QuartExtra WhiteGloss
K64W006516512016341 GallonExtra WhiteGloss
K64W006516512016425 GallonExtra WhiteGloss
K64W006536512016591 QuartDeep BaseGloss
K64W006536512016671 GallonDeep BaseGloss