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Front office signs comply with California ADA standards

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California Code ADA Women Rest Room Sign - Black - 84943

Front office signs comply with California ADA standards

Product Details

  • Our offering includes individual signs and matching sign sets for installation on both doors and walls.
  • All the guidance you need is provided below. If you need further assistance, please call 1-855-972-7716 and one of our product experts will guide you to the right California restroom sign you need. You can also check out our entire line of restroom signs here for gender-neutral restroom signs, bilingual ADA signs, restroom sign sets, and non-ADA restroom and bathroom signs.
  • Why the dual signage?
  • Signs that designate permanent rooms and spaces, or provide direction to or information about functional spaces of the building must comply with the ADA Standards for Accessible Design (ADAAG 703). This includes entrances, exits, stairways, and of course, restrooms. California, however, had long adopted accessible restroom sign requirements before the Federal ADAAG took effect in 1990.
  • The Title 24 of the California Code of Regulations, also known as the California Building Standards Code or simply “Title 24", lays down all the laws that govern building construction in California including its own guidelines on accessible restroom signage. The geometric symbols used for restrooms have become so entrenched in the state’s culture and history that they stayed even when the new ADA requirements were adopted.
  • How are California Title 24 signs different from the federal ADA signs?
  • California signs for men’s restrooms feature a ¼"-thick equilateral triangle with 12" long edges, while those for women’s restrooms feature a ¼"-thick circle with a 12" diameter. California unisex restroom signs, meanwhile, have both the designated 12" triangle on top of the designated 12" circle. These geometric symbols are not present in Federal ADAAG restroom signs.
  • California Title 24 restroom signs are placed on the door, while Federal ones are placed on the wall.
  • Seton offers California restroom sign sets that include both California Code sign and its more standard ADA Braille sign counterpart. Choose restroom sign sets now and enjoy great savings!
  • Call us at 1-855-972-7716 or to see our California ADA restroom signs and other ADA Braille products today!

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Adhesive Type:Foam Adhesive
Arrow Direction:No Arrow
Color:White on Black
Compatible Surface Types:Clean;Dry;Flat
Dimensions:12" Dia
Enables Industry Compliance:ANSI Z53.1-1967;ANSI Z535-2006;OSHA 1910.145
Header:No Header
Image or Text:Image & Text
Indoor or Outdoor Use:Indoor Use
Item Type:Sign
Laminated:Not Laminated
Material Properties:Corrosion-Resistant;Durable
Mounting Type:Foam Adhesive
Number Sequence:Un-Numbered
Number of Printed Sides:1
Pictogram Description:Female Symbol
Reflective Type:Non-Reflective
Resistance Properties:Abrasion-Resistant;Rust-Resistant
Reverse Header:No Reverse Header
Reverse Legend:No Reverse Legend
Sign/Label Type:Personal Hygiene & Bathroom Signs & Labels
Text Legend:WOMEN
Type:Restroom Sign