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10EL Drawer Catch

The 10EL Drawer Catch works with any of the 10EL Electronic Locks. Users can mount the catch on the side or underneath a drawer. This accessory catch allows users to retrofit cabinetry with standard drawer slides and convert them into a secure Senseon system by adding a 10EL and the system kits.

  • Works with any 10EL electronic lock
  • One catch per package
  • Zinc finish

The Senseon 10EL Drawer Catch is an accessory kit designed to work with any of the 10EL Electronic Locks (10EL, 10EL-2, 10ELAO, and 10TREL) for drawers using standard slides.

This zinc alloy catch allows for a couple mounting options; it can be mounted on the side or underneath a drawer.

The 10EL Drawer Catch requires a minimum of ½” for side-mounting. Under drawer installation requires a mounting surface of 3.25” thickness to place the lock. The 10EL Drawer Catch includes #8 screws for mounting.

The 10EL Drawer Catch can be use with the following 10EL products:

10EL: Standard Lock/Unlock

10ELAO: Automatic Open (propelled 2” when unlocked).

10TREL: Releases cabinet doors when activated by touch.

10EL-2: Designed to work with soft close slides and soft-close hinges.

Required Kits:

1 Proximity Kit per system installation.

  • Includes Proximity Reader and Power Supply

1 Hub Kit per drawer or cabinet door opening.

  • Modular wiring hub comes with two hub-to-lock cables and a hub connection cable

Optional Kits

Extension Cable: Available in lengths 6″, 12″, and 24″

Link Cable: Available as Top and Bottom Link Cables

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